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Finding the best bike for your Michelin mountain bike tyres

Compared to the moto world, the world of mountain bikes can be quite overwhelming with so many bike brands, tyres and accessories to choose from. Like with most things, everyone will have different opinions on which is best, so finding the right gear can be a minefield!

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of a few mountain bikes we recommend to anyone wanting to get stuck in, as well as which Michelin mountain bike tyres are best suited to each one.

Nukeproof Mega

Style of riding: Enduro
Michelin mountain bike tyres: Michelin Wild Enduro
Details: Nukeproof have an impressive track record in the Enduro world with the Mega winning the last 3 years of the EWS (Enduro World Series) in the hands of the legendary Sam Hill. Unsurprisingly Nukeproof choose to equip all Megas with Michelin Wild Enduro rubber from the factory.

Pro rider, Lewis Ranger says…

“The bike brand I have been riding for the past 2 years is “Nukeproof”. I ride the “Mega” which is their Enduro bike named after the famous “Mega Avalanche” race. Despite using the Michelin Wild Enduro tyres, I’m yet to have found the limits of my Mega, and it seems to eat up anything you point it at!

With some serious results backing it up and the bonus of the best Michelin mountain bike tyres equipped, the Nukeproof Mega would be a great choice for anyone looking for big days out on the saddle and full-on hard-core riding.”

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V10 Santa Cruz

Style of riding: Downhill
Michelin mountain bike tyres: Michelin Dh22 tyres
Details: Santa Cruz is renowned for making great looking bikes that just work. So when looking for a downhill bike, it’s hard to not get drawn towards Santa Cruz. The V10 model is the choice for many of the top Downhill World Cup riders including British downhill legend Steve Peat and the rest of his Santa Cruz Syndicate team.

Our thoughts…

If you’d rather get a lift up the hill, then downhill is probably more your thing. After recently testing the new Michelin downhill tyres in Morzine, our team riders were blown away! We are sure that a Santa Cruz V10 fitted with a set of the new Michelin Dh22 tyres would be a combo that’s hard to beat – especially if you have the confidence to ride the bike as hard as it wants to be ridden!

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Style of riding: Cross Country
Michelin mountain bike tyres: Michelin Force XC tyres
Details: Scott-Sports offer a huge range of mountain bikes for every discipline but their cross country bikes have had particular success in recent years. It is even 8 x cross country world champion, Nino Schurter’s, brand of choice. Scott-Sports offers cross country bikes from entry-level, right up to the highest level with their top world cup race bike retailing for £11,699!

Our thoughts…

We understand that pointing yourself down the steepest hill you can find and hoping you make it to the bottom isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, and so cross country riding can be a popular choice for many riders. Whether you’re looking for a bike that you can go for a casual ride along the beach on or you’re fighting for the top step of a cross country race podium, Scott-Sports have got you covered! The only upgrade we’d recommend is to add a set of Michelin Force XC tyres and you’ll be smashing all your Strava records in no time!

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Style of riding: E-bike
Michelin mountain bike tyres: Michelin E-Wilds
Details: The popularity of E-Bikes is climbing at a dramatic rate and we’re sure that an E-Bike is on a lot of peoples Christmas list! Specialized has been the top choice for E-Bikes for the last few years and that’s for good reason – they’ve pushed the limits of what’s possible and brought the technology on leaps and bounds.

Their latest E-Bike, the Turbo Levo SL, weighs just 17.35kg which is by far the lightest bike in its class and is only a couple of kilograms more than some top conventional pedal bikes! Specialized offers a range of E-bikes from road-legal right up to full-on downhill bikes, and everything in between.

Our thoughts…

For any E-Bike we recommend the Michelin E-Wilds. The E-Wild/Specialized combo was the choice for Chris Northover when filming his awesome edit in Wales for us during the lockdown – watch the video. He proves just what E-bikes are capable of and just how good the new Michelin E-Wilds are.

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