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First Look – 2014 Gas Gas EC Models

Gas Gas have revealed their 2014 range of EC models. Developed by the R&D department and extensively tested on the Enduro World Championship circuit, the Spanish manufacture has worked hard

First Look - 2014 Gas Gas EC Models
Gas Gas have revealed their 2014 range of EC models. Developed by the R&D department and extensively tested on the Enduro World Championship circuit, the Spanish manufacture has worked hard to offer the best possible machines available to their customers. Whether it’s for fun riding or serious competition, the 2014 EC range has something to suit all tastes.

The new 2014 EC Racing models have been the focus of the R & D department of Gas Gas Motos, developing a high quality product for customers of the brand. The Racing version is the mainstay of a new range, available in displacements from 125cc 2T and up to the 450cc 4T.

GG EC250 Racing 002-1080-web2014 Gas Gas EC250 Racing

New lighter chassis

  • For 2014 the biggest development of all EC models is a new lighter chassis. This new chassis – two kilograms lighter than it’s predecessor – also achieves better stability and a less rigid feel of the bike. To reach this objective, there has been a redesigned aluminium sub-frame allowing an entirely new structure for the entire Enduro range. The results are improved geometry and greater manoeuvrability.gas-gas-xassis-007-1080-web

  • The second biggest talking point across the EC range centres on the Reiger rear shock. Following extensive testing during EWC competition, Gas Gas have partnered with Dutch suspension specialists Reiger for 2014 for both two-stroke and four-stroke models.

  • Reiger equips a small internal thermostatic device that compensates for the changes in oil viscosity when the shock is hot or cold, in this way, effectiveness is maintained at a maximum level at all times. The results are increased traction and even greater user control of the tuning settings.GG Enduro 2014 004-1080-webReiger suspension is new for 2014…

  • Up front Marzocchi take care of the front suspension. In the Racing range, the fork is 48mm in diameter with a dual pressurized cartridge and new settings.


Improvements to the overall package of the bikes include:

  • A new rear brake pedal. Repositioned outside of the chassis avoids problems caused by mud.

  • Adjustable footrests so that the rider can find the best ergonomic position in reference to their specific size.

  • New machined triple clamps

  • A new skid plate provides better protection for when the going gets tough and snotty.

  • Slimmer, neater  side number plates improve the EC’s overall ergonomics but also aid important air flow into the filter box.

  • Completing the racing look, new hubs are laced with Excel rims and black satin spokes and shod with Metzeler Six Days tyres.



  • With respect to the engine, the Gas Gas R & D department has worked hard to improve the two-stroke models.

  • The design of the water pump has been modified to not only reduce weight but its volume has been increased to make it more effective, in fact, after adopting the new cylinder of the previous model range, this has been complemented by a new cylinder head with much more fluid thermodynamics.

  • A redesign of the crankshaft has been optimized and balanced to reduce engine vibration.

  • A new cylinder head offers more power across the power curve.gas-gas-motor-012-1080-webThe motor has also been extensively worked on for 2014…

  • A new ignition system – with dual-power map – also reduces weight and optimizes the crankcase size with its new design.

  • The reed cage is VForce4 mounted on the EC 200 Racing, EC 250 Racing and EC 300 Racing – and obviously also with the electric start versions – help improve the power at the same time softening the power delivery.

  • For 2014 the Gas Gas EC Racing 2T version will also be available with electric start.

  • The EC 125 Racing – the baby of the range – has an improved power curve that further optimizes the fun of the Gas Gas engine, which is highlighted by its handmade exhaust.

GG EC125 Racing 002-1080-webGas Gas EC125 Racing
Improved performance for EC Racing 4T

The EC 250 F Racing, EC 300 F Racing and EC 450 F Racing have been thoroughly reviewed. The 4T models are now more docile and easy to ride and have taken a step forward in modernization, including best components, such as the full FMF exhaust mounted on the EC 450 F, which makes it a highly competitive bike. The new generation Gas Gas Enduro 4T models share the same chassis as the rest of the range, and it has been also possible to mount a new higher capacity tank – 8.2 liters- enhancing the fuel range.

GG EC450 Racing-4T 002-1080-web2014 Gas Gas EC 250 F

2014 Gas Gas EC Std – The best school

The new 2014 Gas Gas Enduro standard models are available with a 2-stroke trim. The Gas Gas EC Std have always been the best Enduro bikes for those who are new to the sport or for those seeking an easy bike to ride, but at the same time powerful, reliable, affordable and also having quality components. The standard range of 2014 Gas Gas acquires most of the changes that occurred, except for some minor details and suspension. The forks of the EC 200, 250, 250 E, 300, 300 E and EC 125 Racing also are inverted Marzocchi, Shiver 45mm in diameter, and have a Sachs rear shock, which also has good performance for the riding-style of an ‘entry level rider’.

GG EC250 series 002-1080-webGas Gas EC250 Std

EC Racing 2014 2T: EC 125 R, EC 200 R, EC 250 R, EC 250E R, EC 300 R, EC 300E R.

EC Racing 2014 4T: EC 250F, EC 300F, EC 450F

EC 2014 Std: EC 200, EC 250, EC 250E, EC 300, EC 300E


  • New chassis

  • New rear shock Reiger (in Racing range)

  • 48mm Marzocchi fork (45mm in Racing 125 and Standard range), new settings

  • Side covers that improve the flow to the filter box

  • Excel wheel-set with machined hubs

  • More ergonomic and effective brake pedal

  • Titanium colour sprocket
  • Handle on front wheel axle

  • Tyres Metzeler Six Days

  • Injection molded SKID PLATE, lighter and more coverage

  • Handlebars Gas Gas Double Force

  • New digital display
  • New machined clamps

  • New 8.2  liter tank (model-4T)

  • New side number plates

  • New graphics

GG EC250E Racing 005-1080-web


  • Evolution of the engine

  • New water pump

  • Reed valve V-Force4 (in Racing range, except EC 200)

  • New exhaust EC 125 Racing

  • New power curve EC 125 Racing

  • Exhaust FMF (except EC 250 F and EC 300 F)

  • Redesign of the crankshaft

  • New Ignition

  • New crankcase design

  • New cylinder head

  • Keihin Carburetor PKWS

  • Electrical wiring improved
  • New clutch cover and clutch cover disks made by aluminum injected