FIRST LOOK – 2015 TM RACING 250/300 EN - Enduro Tyres

FIRST LOOK – 2015 TM RACING 250/300 EN

FIRST LOOK – 2015 TM RACING 250/300 EN

Breaking cover at last weekend’s Dirt Bike Show in the UK, the 2015 TM Racing 250/300 EN immediately caught the eye of Enduro21. 

In 2013/14 the 250/300 two-stroke got a new clutch basket and fibre plates, revised CDI mapping, power valve governor and a complete redesign of the intake system and crankcases but TM haven’t stopped there and have introduced further updates for 2015.

The new 2015 models receive a new cylinder and cylinder head featuring the TMEES electronic exhaust valve system for a greater control of the power delivery at all RPMs.

tm en-250 2015 IMG 1183

A gearbox position sensor connected to the TMEES exhaust valve provides greater control of engine power delivery depending on the selected gear at across the RPM range.

A new crankshaft with new ‘high tech’ main bearings and crank seals increase crankshaft performance, stability and duration. Matched to a new HGS exhaust system ensure total optimization of all new components.

A new transmission cover, clutch cover and water pump cover manufactured using a different casting process offer a ‘cleaner’ look.

tm-en-250 2015 IMG 1184

Chassis changes for 2015 include modified geometry featuring a new rear shock length (8mm) matched to a new linkage for better progression and traction in all conditions.

A TM Racing Factory rear shock absorber, Kayaba 48mm front fork with revised suspension settings greatly improve handling.

The rear wheel spindle has increased in diameter by 2.5mm for added strength and less deflection of the swing arm.

tm-en-250-2015 IMG 1186

Developing a ‘fresh air flow system’ the fuel tank and plastics have been redesigned to channel cool air to the air box to further aid engine performance.

Other goodies include billet aluminium hubs laced to blue anodised Excel rims, billet machined aluminium triple clamps with damped handlebar mountings, oversized taper handlebar, improved seat, oversize ‘wave’ Braking discs, HGS exhaust system, V-Force reed valve system, twin map ignition system and a full EU compliant lighting system.

tm-en-250-2015 IMG 1191

2015-tm-racing-250 IMG 1193