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First Look – Beta 2014 RR Models

First Look – Beta 2014 RR Models

To celebrate their 110-year anniversary Beta have launched their 2014 RR models. Beta will offer six models for the coming season that will include the revolutionary 250 and 300 RR two strokes.

Focusing on improving the ease of riding, all models receive updates in the chassis and engine department. The bikes also return with features such as full rear suspension linkage, front and rear lights, full skid plate, FMF plated exhaust with an FMF muffler, extra front number plate to replace the headlight, Nissin brakes with stainless steel wave rotors, electric start, as well as a backup kick starter.


The front fork has a smaller inner cartridge as well as updated compression and rebound pistons to improve the oil flow. The valving has also been changed for an improvement over the square-edge hits. The top fork cap has been updated to make spring changes easier. Finally, new oil has been added to tie everything together.

At the rear end, the bikes receive a reshaped rebound adjuster, which allows for a more precise adjustment. The shock also receives updated valving and a heavier rear 5.2 kg spring.

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The frame on all two strokes has been enhanced by reducing stress to the heavy weighted areas. As shown in the diagram, the frame areas that are in light blue or yellow are the heaviest impacted under extreme conditions.

These areas are normally red in colour under heavy impacts, however the Beta engineering team has reduced all the areas to a yellow or light blue, which represents roughly a 20% reduction of stress to the frame. This translates to less feedback to the rider, hence making the bike easier to ride and manage.


New Front Fender

A new front fender provides better protection for the rider from mud and water. The design is stronger and more rigid than the 2013 model.

Revised Seat

The seat base has also been redesigned for a better fit to the frame and provides more comfort to the rider. The seat continues to be a push button release, this along with the quick-access air filter makes for an easy air filter change.

Larger Fuel Tank

The fuel tank has been increased in size and is now a natural, clear colour to make it easier to refuel and see how much is left in the tank.


Oil Check Plug

Also new for 2014 is an oil check plug in the clutch cover. This feature makes it easy to check the clutch and transmission oil.

Other updates include a new power valve mechanism for the 250 RR that provides improved performance at low rpm and a smoother transition throughout the power range. There are new brake disks that have an improved heat treatment for more durability.

Four-Stroke Models

The 2014 4 Stroke models were not left alone as they received the same suspension updates as the two-stroke models along with the frame updates to reduce stress. All of the RR 4 strokes receive the new front fender and seat base as well.

The four stroke engines receive a new countershaft as well as an improved heat treating process with new, more durable bearings. The shift drum has been modified to aid gear selection. The 350 RR receives a revised piston with an updated profile and added lubrication holes to increase reliability and oil consumption.

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