FIRST LOOK – GAS GAS EC 450 RAID - Enduro Tyres



Taking on the Dakar Rally in January, Gas Gas have made significant improvements to their EC 450 Raid for 2015…

This the new Gas Gas EC 450 Raid – a bike that incorporates significant improvements and innovations to tackle one of the toughest two wheeled specialties in the world, cross-country rallies. Reliable and robust for big adventures.

The new Gas Gas EC 450 Raid is the result of experience gained during years of participation in the toughest race in the world, with the work of a team to develop a reliable and strong bike, specifically prepared to face the biggest challenge to two wheels that exists today, the Dakar Rally.

And for that, the development department of the Gas Gas have focused on improving the technical and the aesthetic parts to be robust and compact.

GasGas EC Raid 009-1080

On the technical side, the chassis – totally new – as the foremost solution to tackle the hard, long stages of the Dakar. The new Gas Gas EC 450 Raid also features a new air filter box to protect from sand, dust and water.

The new model incorporates a new lithium battery with high cranking power and quick re-charge, and a new lower 10 litre fuel tank, located in the bottom of the bike. Compact, rugged, and with a lower the centre of gravity helps to improve stability.

With a total capacity of 30 litres of fuel, the new Gas Gas EC 450 Raid has sufficient range to face any kind of stage. Moulded to this new chassis structure is a reliable and powerful single-cylinder four-stroke 450cc liquid-cooled engine, featuring a new exhaust system, more integrated and moulded to the sub-frame, thus avoiding potential impacts from rocks or damage in case of a fall.

Suspension wise the new Gas Gas relies upon a Marzocchi inverted closed-cartridge 48 mm diameter front fork to absorb the uneven terrain and the new Reiger B46 shock with intelligent-control compression and rebound valving.

Finally two new powerful headlights illuminate and improve visibility for riders when night falls or when race conditions worsen in the dust or mist.

GasGas EC Raid 007-1080

Technical improvements

• Air filter housing is larger, with more flow capacity, as the high quality TwinAir filter

• New high-power headlights

• Lithium battery with more cranking power, lighter and faster to re-charge

• Reinforced, sturdy and reliable chassis

• Compact and rugged 10 litre bottom tank, lowering the centre of gravity and improving stability

• Reiger B46 Shock with smart compression (ICS) and rebound control valve (RCV) systems

• New exhaust, more integrated and protected in the chassis of the bike to prevent damage from impacts from rocks or falls

GasGas EC Raid 006-1080

Aesthetic improvements

• Clear windscreen visor to disperse the air flow evenly and help protect the rider when driving at high speeds

• New rear fender (mudguard), includes a more visible light when riding in dusty conditions

• Number plate holder, in turn, performs a structural function

• FIM mandatory 3 litre water tank for cross-country rallies

• Radiator shrouds with triple function: protect the radiators, front filter box cover and saddle mounting post

• Frontal fairing with current and aggressive look, which incorporates two powerful headlights