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Italian rally specialists Rebel X Sports introduce a revolutionary kit with Wi-Fi technology and traction control that you can easily adjust from your smartphone… Designed to fit fuel-injected KTM 450

Italian rally specialists Rebel X Sports introduce a revolutionary kit with Wi-Fi technology and traction control that you can easily adjust from your smartphone…

Designed to fit fuel-injected KTM 450 and 500 EXCs from 2012 to 2016 the kit brings a ten-level traction control system for the first time in off-road racing. The retail price for the whole kit is 6.890 euro (excluding vat) but you could also purchase a ready-to-race EXC Rally bike with a total price of 17.690 euro (excluding vat).

After developing their own Yamaha WR450F Rally bike a while ago, Rebel X Sports got down to business once more. Here’s what their press release has to say about the new KTM EXC Rally kit…

Rebel X Sports is proud to present their new rally kit this time for KTM’s EXC 450 and 500 models. The company, specializing in the R&D and production of rally accessories, bring a revolutionary kit in which for the first time Wi-Fi technology and a ten-level traction control are introduced in desert racing.

Electronics is at the heart of this new project and an expert like Enrico Tomasin was hired to perform the development of a special rally ECU. After a long period of dyno and dynamic testing the result achieved is an ECU that adapts to the needs of rally riders mixing mid range and top adjustability with manageability of power.

Making use of hardware provided by GET, it was possible to insert a ten-level traction control system that can easily be adjusted while riding via a handlebar switch by choosing among the pre-selected settings. This system is based on algorithms that act on the way power is released and the speed at which the engine revs up.

When set on level ten a maximum traction control is obtained with the bike avoiding to spin. Riders can adjust the system to always achieve optimum traction in any kind of terrain. This technology had been used to date by factory teams and now it’s finally available to all rally riders.

Another vital feature of this ECU is its Wi-Fi connectivity with iOS, Android and Windows devices such as smartphones and tablets. Via a free app it will be possible to access the bike’s ECU to modify several parameters and maps. Most importantly, riders will have for the first time the chance to perform a full bike diagnostics check without having to visit an authorized dealer.

With the Wi-Fi module it’s really easy to launch the troubleshoot test and check if there are any errors with TPS sensor, fuel injectors, temperature peaks and so on. Performing a bike diagnostics test even during a race could seriously reduce the chances of a withdrawal.

The EXC Rally kit has a front and a rear fuel tank with a capacity of 15.5 and 16 liters accordingly. The weight is equally distributed and the total fuel capacity get up to 31.5 liters. The two tanks are directly connected through a dual-valve quick-release connector eliminating the need of extra fuel pumps or vacuum pumps. 

This setup favours a quick dismount and offers a homogenous fuel consumption due to the communicating vessels. The rear tank comes together with the new subframe and a built-in alluminium airbox designed to install a second injector (sold separately).

The navigation tower is made out of alluminium and uses a special bracket system that eliminates the need to drill extra holes. The tower comes with all the various brackets needed to mount accessories that’ll make the bike ready to race. The lighting system features two LED lights of 1.052 lumens each offering optimum night visibility. All the navigation equipment, tripmaster, roadbook holder with backlight and handlebar multi-switch, are included in the kit.

The fairing is divided in three sections consisting of a main windshield made out of transparent plexyglass and two side panels made in ABS plastic for maximum flexibility in the event of crashing. All is mounted through quick release buckles so that the nav tower can be quickly accessed without the need for any tools. Appropriate radiator protectors in alluminium complete the front end of the bike and can be kept mounted even in case the bike is converted back into enduro.

A separate plug-and-play wire harness is provided in order to facilitate resolving any faults and the standard electric system remains untouched. Extra fuses prevent damages to instruments. Underneath the seat a 10Ah lithium microbattery supplies power to all the electric system.

The kit also includes an aluminium bash plate with a large toolbox, a special water pump protector and a three liters water reserve (necessary for FIM events). A special set of graphics completes the kit.

Retail price for the full kit is 6.890 euro (vat excl.). The kit fits all KTM 450 and 500 EXC models from 2012 to 2016. The brand new KTM EXC Rally bike with the kit costs 17.690 euro (vat excl.). Several extras include an engine upgrade, a cush drive wheel, a second injector and a rally seat. The kits will be available from September 15 exclusively at Rebel X Sports and in Rebel X Authorized Distributors. www.rebelxsports.com for further info.