With wins in the Enduro World Championship and even the Dakar Rally, Sherco is a manufacture going from strength to strength. Hot on the heels of their closest competitors, Sherco now launch their 2016 enduro model range

With five different models on offer – both two-stroke and four-stroke – Sherco have worked hard through their racing efforts to develop and improve for 2016.

If it’s four strokes that tickle your fancy, Sherco’s 250 SEF-R, 300 SEF-R and 450 SEF-R have seen engine refinements while their 250 SE-R  and 300 SE-R two strokes have also not been neglected.

Across the four-stroke range, common changes are a new improved air box design. Now bigger, with wiring protected, the 2016 models have much easier access to the air filter.

The electrical system sees the diameter of the wiring increased to improve resistance and strengthened with the use of ultrasonic welding. The bikes feature a keyless system for 2016. With the contact button removed there is now no risk of a dead battery.

All bikes – both 2t and 4t – feature a reinforced subframe, a new mud guard design and dual compound Sherco designed handguards.

The 2016 models are available from July.


250/300 SEF-R Specific Design Evolutions for 2016

For 2016 both the 250 and 300 have seen engine, gearbox, waterpump system and injection mapping improvements.


Cylinder: new geometry

Improved rigidity, temperature resistance, performance and life

Blow-by effect reduced


New forged gears 2/3/4 higher mechanical resistance

Selection fork rollers are made from a stronger material

Increased life in hard conditions (MX & Sand)

Waterpump System

DLC Shaft treatment tribo finishing

New improved seal

New injection mapping

Improved performance

Reduced fuel consumption

Improved progressivity

Compatible with the keyless system

For 2016 the 300 SEF-R receives a new injector body and improved throttle cable routing. Idle speed is reduced by 100RPM.

450 SEF-R Specific Design Evolutions for 2016


The new generation engine is more compact for 2016 due to combination of revised gear train, morse / HYVO Distribution and dual overhead cams.

A new piston, connecting rod and balance shaft reduces weight and inertia resulting in better bike traction, higher RPM’s and longer engine life.

Adjustment of injection mapping

Improved performance

Reduced fuel consumption

Compatible with the keyless system

Better progressivity obtained

Mapping developed for the new piston/connecting rod system


250/300 SE-R 2-Stroke

A cast aluminium cylinder head with higher stiffness and less deformation of the combustion chamber delivers better performance

New valve timing allows for better low-end grunt while revised valve sealing improves the throttle response and reduces maintenance due to less calamine deposit. The removal of the oil tube from the valve cover reduced emissions.

New ignition calibration ensures better starting, engine progression and optimized traction in low grip conditions.

The dual mapping system has seen the SOFT curve reworked for better progression

The transmission star selection mechanism has been modified with the pins blocked inside the system. Treatment of the water pump shaft has improved seal life.

300 SE-R

Specific to the 300 SE-R, a new piston design and combustion chamber has improved performance at low speeds. The new profile ensures better balance in the cylinder reducing noise.

Both the two strokes receive a new silencer – 8% lighter. The fuel petcock has been relocated for easy access while the space between the fuel tank and carburettor has been increased.