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Five Mins – Jamie McCanney

Five Mins - Jamie McCanney

Making his debut ride in SuperEnduro at round one of the series in Liverpool, Husqvarna’s Jamie McCanney didn’t fail to impress. With pressure mounting to deliver a home win in front of his family and friends, the Manx youngster did exactly that. Second in the Junior Final #1, McCanney ripped his way from the back of the pack to win Final #2 and with it secure the overall win. caught up with Jamie to find out about his first taste of SuperEnduro action…

Congratulations on winning the Junior class in Liverpool!

Jamie McCanney: “Thanks. It feels incredible to have won. I really wasn’t expecting that at all.”

What did it feel like to race inside a stadium for the first time?

“It was an incredible feeling to race inside a stadium like this. During the morning practice it all felt quite normal but once it filled up with people and the lights dimmed down it was a completely different place to be. I was literally shaking coming in after each race.”

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As an EWC champion did you feel any extra pressure to win here at your home race?

“A little – I always try to win when I race and even though I hadn’t raced SuperEnduro before, this one was no exception. It was also the team’s first big race and I really wanted to deliver a winning result for them.”

How did race one go for you?

“Even though I finished second I didn’t ride as good as I should have. I let my nerves get the better of me and I tensed up too much. I was riding tight and making silly mistakes here and there. To be honest, I was happy to end it in second place as Andreas Linusson rode better than me – he deserved to win that one.”


You seemed to ride more relaxed in race two. Why was that?

“I just had a better idea of what to expect. The start order was also reversed and because I had to start on the second row I knew I wasn’t going to get the holeshot so I tried to make the best of the situation. During the race I rode smart and managed to avoid any crashes that were happening in front of me. I found a few clear lines and was able to work my way to the front and win the race.”

Liverpool was intended to be a one-off race for you but as the current championship leader are you planning to now contest the entire series?

“At the moment I haven’t got any plans to continue with SuperEnduro. In a couple of days I’ll speak with the team and we’ll decide what to do about the rest of the championship. My priority is preparing for the EWC so I’m not sure how far we’ll take the SuperEnduro series. We’ll have to wait and see!”