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Five Mins – Taddy Blazusiak

Five Mins – Taddy Blazusiak

The 2014 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship reached its halfway point last Saturday, where round three took place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Getting back to the top of the podium Taddy Blazusiak secured his second overall win of the series, mastering the challenging Brazilian track.

Holding a 19-point advantage at the head of the championship with events in Mexico, Spain and France remaining, here Taddy gives his thoughts on a winning night in Brazil…

It must feel great to get back to the top step of the podium again?

Taddy: “It feels awesome to win again but it was a tough night – it didn’t come easy. I felt my speed was good – the best it’s been – but I didn’t get one decent start and I made a huge amount of mistakes. I might have won but I crashed a lot too. The dirt was so slick and if you misjudged it by the smallest amount then you were on the floor.”

The guys that build the US Endurocross tracks built this one. What was your take on it?

TB: “I always enjoy riding what they build. Eric Peronnard and his crew know how to build a track for great racing. It wasn’t the most technical course of the series but to ride it fast was a challenge. Any amateur rider could ride a lap but to string a race together at full speed is where it got difficult. You needed to be so precise in everything you did and to gain those extra tenths of a second you had to commit to some big lines. That’s why you saw me crash more than usual.”

You had a big crash in Final #2, following the reversed order start. What happened?

TB: “It’s that reversed start for Final #2 – I hate it. I don’t think it’s safe. We start last and have to race through guys that we don’t normally race with. Some are a lot slower and it’s impossible to guess what lines they’re going to take. I was going triple-triple in the matrix section all night and as I came into it the rider in front almost stopped. But it was too late – I was already committed – so I crashed. It was my biggest crash of the series and I was lucky not to be hurt. It could have ended my championship right there.”

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How important was your fitness in being able to get back to the front of that race?

TB: “In the heat and humidity of Brazil my fitness made a huge difference. Even with those mistakes I was able to put my head down and hammer all the way to the finish of each race. I’ve worked hard on it during the winter and I know I’m feeling fit and strong. It’s made a huge difference to my confidence on the track. In Poland I was tired from a long season, now I feel great again.”

How would you sum up your time in Brazil?

TB: “It’s been incredible. The support from all the fans has been amazing. It felt like a home race. The crowd and the atmosphere inside the stadium were fantastic. You could hear them cheer during every overtake and crash – it was a real buzz to race. It has definitely been worth the trip, hopefully we can come back next year.”

Finally, next weekend in Mexico will mark the second half of season, what are your plans for the rest of the championship?

TB: “There are three rounds and nine races still left to go so that’s a lot of racing. Anything can happen – it’s way too early to think about the championship. I’ve got a 19- point lead – that’s a nice cushion to have – but I just want to win races. That’s all I’m focused on doing. I’ll be giving it 100 per cent to win all the time…”

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