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Five Minutes – Cody Webb

Five Minutes – Cody Webb

Fresh off his recent King of the Motos win, Beta’s Cody Webb had his sights set on securing a podium result at Hell’s Gate. Lying third overall during the first half of the race, and placing well within the allocated 30-minute time limit of race leader Graham Jarvis, Webb seemed on course to do just that.

But as darkness crept in while nearing the end of lap three, his race took a turn for the worse. Crashing heavily in the notorious Cascata waterfall section, Webb was all but done. Trying to continue, he made it as far as Checkpoint 7 before calling it a day.

Enduro21 checked in with Webb after the race to find out what happened…

You were running third but then all of a sudden you disappeared off the radar. What happened?

“I crashed hard in the one place you don’t want to crash in Hell’s Gate. I had a big one in Cascata towards the end of the third lap. Dropping off the waterfall I got it wrong and went straight out over the bars. I bashed myself up pretty good. I hurt my leg, rung my bell and my body was aching. To be honest I was done after that.”

With two laps left to run did you think a finish was still on the cards?

“I tried to finish but the wind was knocked right out of my sails. I continued on but I was worse for wear and my head was all over the place. I managed to get a bit further but dropped outside the 30-minute elimination mark and had to call it a day.”

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For such a strong ride all day it must have been a disappointing way to end the race?

“I definitely felt that another podium was on the cards. Up until that point I was riding strong and still charging. During the first two laps I was riding with Jonny Walker. We both seemed to be about the same pace – he was quicker on the fast sections but I’d close the gap on the technical stuff. I was enjoying that and actually having fun. It’s unfortunate to end the race like I did but I’m happy with how I rode and can hold my head up high.”

After your recent win at King of the Motos did you think you could challenge Graham Jarvis for the win?

“To be honest both events are like chalk and cheese – they’re so different. This is probably Graham’s favourite event. He’s won here a lot and has got the place dialled. He’s hard to beat at Hell’s Gate.”

What was the hardest aspect of the race for you to get used to?

“The rocks – they were just so slippery. We don’t have those conditions back home in California – it just doesn’t rain enough. In the morning race it took a while to get used to the terrain. I made a lot of mistakes but by the afternoon things were starting to come right.”

Hell’s Gate is usually the only extreme race we see you at in Europe, but you’ll be at Erzberg this year – right?

“Yeah, I’m finally getting to give Erzberg a crack. I’m looking forward to that one. Luckily there is a decent gap in my endurocross schedule to allow me to go and Beta are able to sort a bike and stuff out for me. I’ve never done it before so it’s going to be a bit of a learning experience but I’ll give it my best shot.”