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Five Minutes – Jonathan Barragan

Five Minutes – Jonathan Barragan

Jonathan Barragan was a new face in the Enduro World Championship paddock at the opening round of the season in Solsona, Catalunya, Spain. After a successful debut enduro ride just one week previous at the Spanish Enduro Championship opener, Barragan opted to try his hand at the EWC.

Eager to learn, the Spaniard had a mixed performance on day one to finish 11th. But starting day two strongly, the Husqvarna Motorcycles rider delivered an impressive performance to secure fourth position in the highly competitive Enduro 2 category.

Enjoying the experience, the 28-year-old, and seven-time winner in the Motocross World Championship, explains more about this new chapter of his career…

Congratulations on your fourth place result in Spain. How was your first ever EWC GP?

Jonathan: “Thank you. I didn’t expect to get a good result like I did on the second day. I’m really happy with how the race went. But it was tough, really tough!”

What’s your first impression of the EWC?

Jonathan: “There’s a big difference between motocross and enduro – it’s hard to compare the two sports. Enduro is very long and tiring on the body. There are so many hours on the bike. You need to remember the special tests and that’s difficult to do. Knowing where to go on the first couple of laps while racing at 100 per cent is a strange feeling for me at the moment.”

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What did you find hardest about the race?

Jonathan: “I struggled with the enduro test on the first lap. It was about 12 minutes long and at times I found myself almost lost within the test. I was unsure of where I was going. But once there was a line to follow it came better for me.”

Many newcomers to enduro tend to struggle with the liaison sections. How did you find them?

Jonathan: “This was really only my second time racing in enduro so dealing with the liaison sections and time controls is something I’m getting used to. There was a tight time control but I managed it ok. I’m glad the conditions were quite dry – I think if it was wet and muddy on the liaison then I would have struggled. I’m still learning and will get better.”

The top three Enduro 2 riders at the GP of Spain were all former motocross riders. Do you think it’s possible to match their pace?

Jonathan: “Those guys are incredibly fast, so I think it’s way too early to tell. There where moments when I wasn’t too far off their pace but they’re very consistent at being that fast. At this time I’m not consistent enough. Enduro is a different way of riding a bike. I still think like a motocross rider. I’m too aggressive on the throttle at times. I need to relax and flow more in the corners. Hopefully that will come with experience – I want to get better.”

Are you planning to do any more EWC races?

Jonathan: “At the moment the plan is to race again this weekend, at the GP of Portugal, and then concentrate on the rest of the Spanish Enduro Championship. For the rest of the EWC I’m not sure. I would love to race the entire series, but let’s see…”