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Freestyle Dirt Bike Fair

Freestyle Dirt Bike Fair

Offering one of the first chances to see the all-new 2014 Husqvarnas in the flesh in the UK, Freestyle Bikes are holding an open day and dirt bike fair on Saturday November 30th.

The Freestyle Dirt Bike Fair will be at their premises in East Sussex, UK on November 30th from 10am.

With the 2014 models on display in the shop, there will also be a side marquee erected with suppliers Feridax, Apico, Shot Clothing, Oset and Rowland Sands among others selling a whole host of goodies that will give customers the chance to get their Christmas shopping done in one place.

In the afternoon, the world’s best Hard Enduro rider Graham Jarvis will also be there to talk bikes and put on a riding display on his new Husqvarna.

Add in displays from cyclo trials riders and Simon Bird on his Jotagas trials bike and it’s shaping up into an event not to be missed.

For more information contact Freestyle on 01892782288 or visit 

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