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French Enduro Championship – Final

French Enduro Championship - Final

Antoine Meo, Pela Renet and Christophe Nambotin all crowned champions in this year’s French Enduro Championship.

With perfect weather greeting the 300 riders entered in the final round of the French Enduro Championship at Vorey, it was Meo, Renet and Nambotin that secured the titles in their respective Enduro 1, Enduro 2 and Enduro 3 classes.

Enduro 1

In the Enduro 1 class, Meo and his KTM 125 EXC continued their domination of the quarter litre category. Topping the standings at the end of day one, the Frenchman went on to win eight of the nine special tests on day two to finish out his season in style. Tied on points entering the final day of competition, the battle for the runner-up result was tight between both Marc Bourgeois (Yamaha) and Jeremy Joly (Honda) with Bourgeois claiming the advantage over his rival.

antoine MEO-finale-cdf-vorey-2013-600

Enduro 2

Easily winning day one in Vorley, Husaberg’s Renet wrapped up the Enduro 2 category with one day to spare. Ending his year on a high, Renet claimed a 37-second winning margin over Sherco’s Julien Gauthier on day two. With two runner-up results, Gauthier finished second overall in the championship standings to Renet. Yamaha’s Antoine Bassett was third.

pela Renet-cdf-finale-2013-web

Enduro 3

Returning from injury, which had ruled him out of the ISDE, KTM’s Christophe Nambotin placed third on day one to secure the Enduro 3 title. With his injury still causing problems, Nambotin opted not to race on day two. Benefitting from Nambotin’s misfortune, Husaberg’s Mathias Bellino won both days to end his year as runner-up to Nambotin. Beta’s Manu Albepart completed the top three.

mathias Bellino-cdf-finale-2013-web

Junior & Women

Dominating the season from start to finish, Husaberg’s Loic Larrieu easily wrapped up the Enduro Junior category while Geraldine Fournel topped the Women’s classification.

loic larrieu-cdf-finale-2013-web


With a faultless performance from Renet, Bellino and Larrieu, Husaberg won the manufacture’s trophy. They lead home KTM in second, third place went to Sherco.


Final Championship Standings

Enduro 1

1. Antoine Meo – 200 pts

2. Marc Bourgeois – 150 pts

3. Jérémy Joly – 148 pts

Enduro 2

1. Pierre -Alexandre Renet – 200 pts

2. Julien Gauthier – 164 pts

3. Antoine Basset – 142 pts

Enduro 3

1. Christophe Nambotin – 175 pts

2. Mathias Bellino – 170 pts

3. Emmanuel Albepart -158 pts

Enduro Junior

1. Loic Larrieu – 200 pts

2. Kevin Rohmer -152 pts

3. Jeremy Mirror – 119 pts


1. Geraldine Fournel – 161 pts

2. Juliette Berrez -154 pts

3. Marion Gimbert – 153 pts


1. Husaberg – 400 pts

2. KTM 375 pts

3. Sherco – 301 pts