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French Enduro Championship – Round 2

French Enduro Championship – Round 2

Nambotin, Renet and Joly lead the way at round two of the French Enduro Championship in Scaer…

Enduro 1

In E1, the surprise of the day was Husqvarna’s Loïc Larrieu. The young Frenchman kept eventual winner Christophe Nambotin on his toes throughout the day. Marc Bourgeois (Yamaha) and Anthony Boissiere (Moto Pulsion-Sherco) swapped positions on numerous occasions with Boissiere getting the better of Bourgeois to take third.

1. Christophe Nambotin

2. Loïc Larrieu

3. Anthony Boissiere

nambotin-samedi-scaerChristophe Nambotin

Enduro 2

With Antoine Meo absent due to injury, there was little to stop Pela Renet from cruising his way to a comfortable win in E2.

Back following a recent shoulder injury Julien Gauthier held off Romain Dumontier for the runner-up result.

1. Pierre-Alexandre Renet

2. Julien Gauthier

3. Romain Dumontier

Enduro 3

In the E3 ranks the biggest news of the day came with Mathias Bellino forced to stop due to an injured knee. With Bellino out of the picture, Jeremy Joly – still on a roll from his podium result one week earlier at the GP of Sweden – claimed the win and with it the championship lead. Antoine Basset improved on his first lap result to pass Manu Albepart for second.

1. Jérémy Joly

2. Antoine Basset

3. Manu Albepart


 Enduro Junior

A flawless performance from Jeremy Mirror saw the Yamaha ride win by over 50 seconds from Theo Bazerque while Maelig Bron Fontanaz grabbed his first podium result with third.

1. Jérémy Mirror

2. Theo Bazerque

3. Maëlig Bron Fontanaz


Victory  in the Women’s class went to Géraldine Fournel. The improving Samantha Tichet was second with Juliette Berrez in third.

1. Géraldine Fournel

2. Samantha Tichet

3. Juliette Berrez