Full review of the CushCore tyre suspension system from Endurotyres

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Full review of the CushCore tyre suspension system from Endurotyres

When prepping for mountain bike comps, you want to be sure you have all the right equipment, tools and Michelin MTB tyres to stay on top of your game. As

When prepping for mountain bike comps, you want to be sure you have all the right equipment, tools and Michelin MTB tyres to stay on top of your game. As the UK’s leading Michelin dealer, we know that one MTB accessory many of our team riders rely on is the CushCore tyre suspension system.

Here’s our full review of the product, plus some insider recommendations and thoughts from pro riders…


One element of inner tubes that frustrates the best of us is the initial installation process, with many systems being very fiddly and taking precious time away from being on the trails. Fortunately, with very little practice, our team picked up installing the CushCore relatively quickly. In addition to your CushCore, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Plastic tyre levers
  • Tyre lube or easy fit fluid
  • Tyre sealant
  • Rim tape
  • Valves

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Installation of your CushCore can be done in 8 simple steps… 

  1. Ensure your rim tape is suitably fitted onto the rim of your wheel with no gaps, getting this step 100% right is key to avoiding any leaks or holes.
  2. Next, you will want to install your air valve, make sure the nut is tight enough against the wheel.
  3. Grab your CushCore and stretch it against the rim of the wheel against the bead, don’t worry about it snapping, it’s pretty tough!
  4. Insert your wheel and CushCore into the tyre – spray your tyre with the easy fit fluid to ease the process.
  5. Use your plastic tyre levers to push the tyre against the bead of the wheel and work your way around the whole tyre until it’s all in place – you may need to go around a couple of times to get this 100%.
  6. Repeat on the other side of the tyre (you may want to use 2 levers at this stage).
  7. Pump up your tyre and then release your valve.
  8. Use your tyre sealant and then re-insert your valve.

Now you’re ready to ride!

Performance whilst out riding 

So, how does it feel riding with CushCore? You’ll notice the real difference when you switch between using the CushCore and then using a normal inner tube, the performance really stands out!

You’ll be able to confidently push yourself on rocky trails and bomb through downhill straights without the fear of a puncture. CushCore will provide you with the peace of mind you need, especially if you are competing.

The suspension system also allows you to run with a considerably lower PSI, giving you a smoother ride, pushing you to beat your PBs and smash jumps you may have feared to try beforehand.

You’ll also notice a considerable difference when going around tight corners, as the CushCore system will protect your tyres from rolling due to the stiffness of the sidewall.


Generally, we think it ticks all the boxes for a reliable and fast fitting suspension system that gives you better traction and confidence on the trail.  If you are the type of rider who does primarily aggressive downhill rides, this is definitely something you should consider picking up.

Due to its density, uphills can become a bit more of a struggle, but nothing that affects our rides too much.

The price point for the longevity of the product is also totally worth it, whilst it’s more expensive than some similar options and seems steep when you are purchasing a pair, we found it lasted much longer and the performance was like nothing we had experienced before.

Why choose the CushCore suspension system over cheaper alternatives? 

There are lots of tyre fillers out in the market now, however, many of these are only basic expanded foam, CushCore is way more than a tyre filler, it’s a full on suspension system that transforms your bike. Ask team riders such as Matt Roe (Free rider), Todd Kellet (Yamaha UK MX), Tim Ponting (Orange UK), Katie Wakely (Specialized UK), and Lewis Ranger (Nukeproof) what they think!

“It significantly smooths out the chatter felt on the trail and allows you to take rougher lines that you may not have considered before. The sidewall support is another unique feature. Because the CushCore is pinching the tyre onto the rim it makes it almost impossible to “burp”. This means you can run lower pressures and still hit berms and jumps with full commitment knowing that the tyre isn’t about to fold. The rim protection is almost a bonus when using CushCore, the suspension and sidewall support are a game changer!” – Lewis Ranger Nukeproof / Endurotyres BEMBA Under 21 rider

Purchase from Endurotyres today, get it tomorrow! 

With free next day delivery when you purchase from Endurotyres.com, you can get your hands on the CushCore tyre suspension system in no time at all.

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For more advice on choosing the right accessories for your Michelin MTB tyres, get in touch with our team by calling us on 01723 344782, using our website’s live chat system in the corner of your browser, or emailing us at office@endurotyres.com.

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