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How to get the most from your Michelin Off road tyres and Bib Mousse

Benefiting from Michelin off road tyres

As with everything that you purchase, you want to get value for money from your off road motorcycle tyres.

We know a lot about the tyres and equipment used for off road riding because we compete ourselves! Below are a few tips that will ensure you get the best from your Michelin motorcycle tyres.

Getting the best from Michelin off road tyres

Choose the right type of tyre

It sounds like a simple one, but make sure you are using the right type of tyre for the specific event or classification of riding you are doing. Tyres are designed for specific purposes, and using them for any other occasions is counterproductive.

There is great variety in Michelin motorcycle tyres, they manufacture tyre ranges for all sorts of riding. Whatever your needs, there will be a perfect tyre for you. The Michelin motorcycle tyres that we supply include:

  • StarCross 5  – With dual compounds giving easier and quicker handling, StarCross 5  is a MX tyre adapted to all terrains with options of sand, soft, medium and hard, and works very well on non FIM Enduro events with the 18” version.
  • Green Lane – AC10 is a fantastic, road legal MX tyre that is suited to gentle Enduro and trail use thanks to excellent traction.
  • Enduro FIM Comp – The benchmark Enduro tyre range that is effective in forest type enduro and rocky terrain and are also legal to ride on UK roads.
  • Desert Race – Perfect for Rally Raid and adventure riders, these tyres are heavy duty and perform well on dry hardpack surfaces.
  • Trial Comp – The best trial tyre available on the market, able to overcome any obstacle and allow for sideways manoeuvring.

Protect against punctures

To ensure your tyres last as long as possible, you should properly protect them against any objects that could cause a puncture. The best way to do this is to use Michelin motorcycle inner tubes available in either heavy duty or ultra heavy duty (UHD) for ultimate peace of mind.

Inserting a bib mousse into both front and rear tyre will prevent punctures. Michelin bib mousse is a foam insert that is available to fit different types and sizes of tyres (apart from Trial Comp and MX Junior).

Adjust your inflation

One aspect that you can have total control over is the inflation of your tyres to give you the optimum riding experience. This will depend on your riding style and the particular surface you’re riding on.

If you require any further advice or assistance on which tyres, tubes, or Bib Mousse to use for a particular event or terrain, please call the Michelin experts on 01723 344782.