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Gomez Gears Up For X Games Los Angeles

Gomez Gears Up For X Games Los Angeles

Husaberg Alfredo Gomez is enjoying a stellar season. Considered one of the most improved riders in both Endurocross racing and Hard Enduro, the young Spaniard collected his first X Games medal when he finished as the runner-up in Munich.

Opting to contest the Husaberg FE 350 at Germany’s first ever hosting of an X games event, Gomez surprised everyone with both his speed and consistency around the rough and technical course. Now, with the upcoming X Games Los Angeles marking the final stop on the X Games world tour, Gomez is keen to end his Endurocross season on a high note and ready to fight for another medal winning result…

The Enduro X race in Munich ended with an incredible result for you. Did you expect to finish with a Silver Medal?

Alfredo Gomez: “Every time I race my goal is to fight for a medal position but Endurocross is crazy. It’s so unpredictable that it’s impossible to say where you will finish. During practice I was way off the pace. My riding was terrible. I was too tense and couldn’t find a rhythm. Afterwards I talked a lot with my mechanic and he advised me to relax and enjoy the track. For the final I got a top six start and from there I tried to ride my own race.”

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You appeared to be very confident on a course that was giving many other riders problems. Did the technical conditions suit you better?

“I prefer it when the course is a little slower and more technical. A lot of guys were making mistakes but I was able to ride my own race. I was enjoying the race, finding some good lines and passing people in the difficult sections. Crossing the finish line in second position was incredible. I was so happy to finally get a medal.”

With your sister Sandra collecting a Bronze Medal in the Women’s final it also marked a good weekend for the Gomez family?

“Yes, it was cool to see my sister finish on the podium. She’s raced two Enduro X events and has won a medal both times so she’s riding really well. Hopefully she can continue her success and finish on the podium in LA.”

How have you been preparing for X Games Los Angeles?

“Since I’ve returned from the Red Bull Romaniacs I’ve focused my training towards this race. For Endurocross I race the Husaberg FE 350 instead of my 300 two-stroke that I use for Hard Enduro events. It’s much more suited to this type of racing and I feel more comfortable on the courses on a four-stroke. At home I’ve been putting a lot of laps in on my Endurocross track. I’ve also mixed things up by riding some motocross too. Obviously the endurocross training is important for the obstacles but by riding motocross I can improve my speed. Coming from a trials background outright speed when the course is very fast is something I struggle with – but I’m getting better.”

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Last year you just missed out on qualifying for the Enduro X final in Los Angeles. Are you looking forward to returning to the Staples Centre and fighting for a top result?

“I’ve improved a lot over the past year and feel I’ve grown as a rider. I’m hoping that this year the race will go a lot better. In 2012 I wasn’t properly prepared for it but I’ve learned a lot since then so I’m hoping to do well.”

How do you think the course being indoors, instead of the outdoor arenas in Brazil, Barcelona, and Munich, will suit you better?

“I’m working hard to be an all round Endurocross rider whether the course is fast or slow, indoors or out. But I do prefer to have the track indoors. I like it when they are technical – hopefully I can use my trials skills to my advantage. I’m growing in confidence all the time and now feel like I belong on the track with the best Endurocross riders in the world. I’d really like to end this season on a high and claim another X Games medal result.”