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Graham Jarvis Wins Hell’s Gate

Graham Jarvis Wins Hell’s Gate

Four wins on the bounce for Graham Jarvis as the Brit took his fourth consecutive victory at Hell’s Gate.

Proving no match for man or mountain, Jarvis pretty much dominated the race from start to finish. Qualifying second in the morning race, the Husqvarna rider soon hit the front of the field when he found a way past early leader Jonny Walker on lap one.

Walker – determined not to let Jarvis get away – gave chase and the duo dropped down the treacherous Cascata section side by side. But the following lap told a different story when Jarvis arrived as the clear leader.

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Five minutes clear he pushed on and set a pace not even Walker could answer. With darkness settling in, the Brit arrived to the foot of Hell’s Peak at the end of his fourth and final lap as the champion elect. With one last push, he scaled the near vertical climb and claimed his place as the most successful rider ever around at Hell’s Gate.

Runner-up for the third time Walker was the only other rider to reach the finish line within the allotted time. Despite challenging Jarvis on the opening lap, Walker made too many little mistakes throughout the race and let his challenge slip away. With Jarvis clearing off into the distance, Walker finished almost 22 minutes behind in second.


On course for another podium result, Cody Webb chased Walker hard for the majority of the race. Keeping the Brit honest, Webb then crashed heavily in the Cascata waterfall section. Ringing his bell, the Beta rider dropped outside the allotted time and was forced to call it a day.

Andreas Lettenbichler took fourth with Diego Nicoletti fifth. Both riders started their fourth lap.


Results – Hell’s Gate 2014

1. Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna)

2. Jonny Walker (KTM)