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Hell’s Gate – The Facts

Hell’s Gate – The Facts
With Hell’s Gate Hard Enduro just days away here’s a list of facts accumulated over the last decade of racing in Il Ciocco…
Brits Rule
Brits rule in Italy. With a combined total of eight winners, 20 podiums places and four all-British podiums, British riders have got Hell’s Gate well and truly figured out.

Size Don’t Matter
Or does it? David Knight is a beast of a man and has won the race three times. But Italy’s Simone Albergoni is not. With a podium result in 2007, the pint-sized Italian proves it’s also the size of the fight in the dog that counts.

simone albergoni-07

Only two brothers have ever stood on the podium at Hell’s Gate. That came in 2005 when David and Juan Knight finished first and third respectively.

All Hail Botturi
Despite the race being on their doorstep, Italy has yet to win. In total nine Italians have finished the race, the best of which was Allessandro Botturi – runner-up in 2009. He now walks as a god among Italian men and has been granted the key to Il Ciocco – supposedly!


How it Works
Hell’s Gate is a two-part race. The morning portion follows the traditional time card enduro format. Starting at the crack of dawn, riders face a multi-lap loop with time checks and special tests that qualifies the top 30 for the main event. They’ve then got a 15-minute work period to service their bike ahead of the afternoon race. Four laps of Il Ciocco in dwindling light – the first man to conquer the final Hell’s Peak climb wins. Simple!

Win a bike!
It’s winner takes all in Italy and a new bike usually on offer for the winner of the race. Jarvis bagged himself a KTM Freeride in 2013 while Taddy won a KTM 450 EXC in 2008. Sweet!

Hall of Fame
How tough is Hell’s Gate. In total only 49 riders have ever shook the hand of Fabio Fasola after reaching the summit of Hell’s Peak.

Mike Metzger
Yes, Mike Metzger – the godfather of FMX – gave Hell’s Gate a crack in 2008. Didn’t do very well though!


Four-Stroke Power
Hard Enduro is dominated by two strokes. But in the history of the race one four-stroke mounted rider won it. That was Dougie Lampkin on a Beta in 2010.


Old Rivalry Resumed
David Knight and Graham Jarvis are tied on the all-time win list around Hell’s Peak. Both have three consecutive victories each. Knighter has never been beaten which gives him a 100 per cent record. Jarvis on the other hand first rode in 2006 – the year David last won. In addition to his three wins he’s also got two podium results making him the most successful rider to have graced Il Ciocco.