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How Etnies and Michelin have joined forces to translate Michelin’s tyre rubber technology into the ultimate skate shoe

As part of their commitment to continual improvement and pushing the boundaries of shoe performance, Etnies has teamed up with Michelin, one of the world’s top manufacturers of premium rubber. The result is the Etnies Michelin shoe, high-performance footwear for skaters and MX riders alike.

Michelin technical outsoles translate the performance and durability of Michelin’s tyres into revolutionary shoe soles, with x3 times more durability than standard outsoles

Why Michelin and Etnies have joined forces

Etnies mission was to create the most durable skate shoes on the market. Michelin have the best rubber in the world. It was a natural fit for Etnies to take advantage of Michelin’s tyre rubber expertise in their quest to produce shoes that deliver top of the range performance.

This isn’t the first time that Michelin have applied their rubber expertise to footwear. Michelin works with some of the world’s leading footwear brands to develop technical outsoles which take advantage of Michelin’s tyre and rubber technologies. Not only is this great news for skaters, who have seen the iconic Marana range transformed, but we are also benefiting as the Marana shoes offer high-performance for MX riders too.

How does the Michelin tyre rubber technology make the Marana shoe a great choice for motocross footwear?

The original Marana skate shoe was already renowned as being one of the most durable skate shoes on the market. In fact, the upper was so hard wearing the rubber outsole couldn’t last the distance, the uppers were outlasting the soles. Traditionally in skate shoes, the outsole outlives the upper. Etnies wanted to find a solution and because Michelin has the best rubber in the world, it was a natural fit to join forces with them to create the ultimate skate shoe.

If you choose Michelin Etnies Marana as your motocross footwear, you’ll enjoy these high-performance benefits:

  • Unmatched grip – Etnies Marana applied Michelin’s PC rally tyre tread designs to create an innovative new tread for the Marana outsole. The result is unmatched grip and durability. That extra grip can really help to keep feet on slippy foot pegs.
  • 3x more durability – The rubber that Michelin uses for tyres maintains its grip whilst still being extremely durable. Etnies went into the shoe design lab with a PC00 Michelin rally tyre in-hand and translated the performance and durability of the tyres into high-performance shoe soles. The result is a shoe with x3 times more durability, enhanced support and maximum flexibility.
  • Hardwearing rubber toe cap – Michelin’s contribution doesn’t end with the outsole. A rubber injected toe cap, formulated with specially designed Michelin rubber, offers incredible longevity.
  • Enhanced comfort – For enhanced comfort, the upper of the shoe features a padded tongue and collar and an STI Evolution foam midsole, which provide incredible comfort and performance. The fused-on rubber toe cap also ensures more durability.
  • Lightweight – The Michelin outsoles feature deep grooves which reduce weight and provide a high contact surface for increased support and shock absorption.

An outsole harnessing Michelin’s tyre and rubber expertise

The Michelin technical outsoles, made with Michelin’s Outdoor Compound rubber, are inspired by the design of Michelin PC00 rally racing tyres with:

  • Large tread sculptures – the outsoles feature large tread sculptures, to provide maximum durability.
  • Interlocking tread design – provides better grip.
  • Multiple flex lines – provides more surface adherence, which offers MX riders better foot control, reactivity and foot peg grip.
  • High contact surface – for increased support and shock absorption.

For MX riders, the shoe outsole is a unique and advanced combination of tread design and specially formulated rubber compounds that respond perfectly to the needs of the most challenging trails.

Why choose Etnies Marana as your motocross footwear?

Hard wearing, lightweight, comfortable, great grip and excellent support, all whilst maintaining impact protection, all of the outstanding features that make the Marana a best-in-class skate shoe also make them a great choice for your motocross footwear.

As the UK’s No.1 specialist for all things off-road Michelin, it’s only natural for the team here at Enduro Tyres to put our trust in Michelin’s footwear, just as we do with our tyres. As our Tyre Technician explains, Etnies Michelin Marana are a great footwear choice for MX riders –

“I have had my Etnies for around 8 months now, since they were released, and they definitely do what they say on the tin. Hard wearing, durable and comfortable. I wouldn’t expect anything less of Michelin, and they have delivered.”

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