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How to achieve puncture proof mountain bike tyres

Puncture proof mountain bike tyres – sounds like a pipedream right? But you’ll be surprised to hear that with the right accessories, and good quality tyres, it’s not completely impossible to equip your bike with puncture proof off road tyres.

With our online shop now stocking a range of mountain bike tyres and accessories, we’ve been busy doing plenty of testing recently to be sure that the products we are selling are something we would 100% recommend to our customers.

So where do you start in your search for puncture proof mountain bike tyres? Continue reading this article for our top tips.

First, equip yourself with the right Michelin mountain bike tyres…

Equipping your mountain bike with the right off road tyres is an essential step. If you are a mountain bike beginner, you may be tempted by the cheaper brands, but in reality, the longevity of these tyres are likely to be poor and you won’t be able to reach your maximum performance.

We would always recommend the Michelin mountain tyres as first choice. They are the ideal tyres for both pro and beginner riders due to their improved braking efficiency, versatility and high performance, and with Michelin rubber on the front and rear of your bike, you can’t go wrong.

The Michelin mountain bike tyres available at Endurotyres encompass a tyre for all terrains. From the all-rounder ‘Wild’ tyre to the extreme downhill ‘Force’ tyre.  

Currently, we are just stocking the Michelin Wild mountain bike tyres, but keep an eye out for the rest of the range hitting our shop soon!

Puncture Resistant Mountain Bike Tyres Are No Longer A Pipe Dream

We reckon that very soon inner tubes are going to be a thing of the past. Say goodbye to punctures when you’re halfway down a run and enjoy a smooth ride with the newest off road mountain bike tyre technologies.

Introducing the Cush Core…

The anti-puncture Cush Core is a specially formulated product that mounts inside the tyre of your mountain bike, essentially making puncture proof mountain bike tyres.

The foam insert is effective by allowing air within the tyre to act together as a spring and damper effectively creating you an Inner-Tire Suspension System®.

Benefits of using the Cush Core include:

  • Increased reliability
  • Puncture-free riding
  • Improved performance
  • Ultimate shock absorption allowing you to really tests your bikes limits

Take the right kit with you at all times

Having the right kit prepared before starting your run can save you a lot of stress. Our Endurotyres mountain bike service kit includes everything you need to keep your tyres in top condition, including:

  • X3 Plastic easy fit tyre levers
  • X1 Tubeless rim tape
  • X2 Tubeless valves
  • X2 Doc Blue Tyre sealant
  • X1 Easy fit fluid
  • X1 Bib-Up mounting spray

Get puncture proof mountain bike tyres with Endurotyres

Ready for better mountain biking? You can order online from our Endurotyres online shop and get next day delivery if ordered by 1pm Monday-Friday.

If you have any questions regarding Michelin mountain bike tyres or any of the other products we stock, give our experienced team a call on 01723 344782.