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How to make your off road tyres last

Making your off road tyres last is something all Enduro riders want to know the answer to. Although there is no exact science, from our years of experience trialling all off road tyres, we’ve learnt some of the top things you can do to increase the chances of keeping them on your bike for longer.

Choose the right tyres for your riding style

Getting the right tyres is the first step to success, so make sure you fully understand your riding style before spending out. Are you looking to compete a lot? How often will you be riding? Is it ‘just for fun’? Do you also need your off road tyres to be road legal?

The most popular off road tyres we sell online are;

Protect your tyres with the right accessories

At Enduro Tyres we are big fans of the Michelin Bib Mousse range and in our eyes, they are quite possibly the only option to install in your bike when doing any off road riding. You will notice an incredible difference between the standard inner tubes in comparison and will make punctures impossible.

If you are a beginner to the world of off road tyres, then you may not know what a Bib Mousse is. It’s basically a foam tube that is a longer lasting alternative to an inner tube. They are easy to fit (with a Rabaconda ), and although much pricier, you will notice the difference almost immediately.

We stock all Michelin Bib Mousse sizes including the newest larger M14. For more information on the Bib Mousse we stock, or to buy online, click here.

Store them properly

This is important for both your off road tyres and Bib Mousse, by keeping both in a cool, dry place it will reduce the likelihood of the tyre pressure changing.

Make sure they are correctly inflated

Have you recently checked the tyre pressure of your off road tyres? Having the optimum tyre pressure can really affect the longevity of your tyres and is especially important to do just before a race or trail ride.

For Trial riding on slow speed, we would suggest 6 Psi for the front and 3 Psi for the rear. For MX and Enduro, depending on the track, we would suggest 15-18 Psi for both front and rear.

Pay for the quality you want

You will get better results if you choose better quality tyres. Fact. You are likely to be able to find cheaper ‘Tubes ’ if you look online but the quality of the tyres we recommend and stock in our store are second-to-none. Our favourite off road tyres will always be Michelin, who have taken the motocross, Enduro and Trial world by storm. The rubber quality and attention to detail is just unbeatable!

We can also vouch for manufacturers such as Pirelli and Maxis for certain riding styles.

Buy from Enduro Tyres

We only stock quality off road tyres and products that we’ve tried and tested ourselves, so you know that if you are making a purchase from Enduro Tyres that we would recommend it. You can also see what our customers think by checking out our 5-star reviews on Facebook here.

Find your perfect tyre match online today or give us a call on 01723 344782 to speak to one of the team if you are looking for further advice on which off road tyres to buy.