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How to use the Dynaplug Racer: the must-have mountain bike accessory

If you’re a serious mountain bike rider, you’ll know the importance of having the right accessories with you on your bike. You don’t want anything too heavy weighing you down, however, you also want to ensure that if you end up in a bit of a scrap with a tree root, you’ve got yourself covered, it’s all about balance! 

With this in mind, we wanted to share our current favourite MTB accessory, the Dynaplug, a smart repair tool no bigger than a pen which will become a lifesaver if you manage to get one of those pesky punctures. 

Keep reading for our guide on how to use it most effectively and where you can get your hands on one… 

What’s a Dynaplug Racer? 

An extremely lightweight puncture repair tool made from stainless steel suitable for all tubeless tyres. 

How to use it…

  1. Find the puncture and remove what has caused the puncture if you can (nail, stone etc) 
  2. Ensure you’re using the correct end of the plug and have the tip installed 
  3. Line up the Dynaplug with the puncture and push it into the tyre wall (you shouldn’t need too much pressure for this, depending on the compound of the tyre) 
  4. Pull the Dynaplug back out (which will leave the plug in the hole) 
  5. Clip off any excess rubber 

It’s as simple as that, and will save you from being stranded on a trail! 

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Benefits of the Dynaplug

We know there are a lot of repair kits on the market so why should you choose Dynaplug over any other? Here’s why… 

Repair without removal – the handy tool allows you to fix the puncture without taking the wheel off, saving you time and general faff! 

Long-lasting – the Dynaplug isn’t a one-time tool, it comes with a number of puncture repair tips, and then once you’ve run out, they are easily replenished so you can continue to use the tool year after year. 

Very little force is required – the tip on the Dynaplug which inserts into the tyre is the perfect shape and size for easy penetration. 

No reaming of the hole – because of the low insertion force, it is not necessary to enlarge a puncture hole by reaming. This eliminates the need for a second tool and prevents further damage to the tyre. 

No glue is needed – Dynaplug retains its sealing ability indefinitely both during storage and in the tyre. 

Versatile – the tool includes both the road and mountain bike fixtures, so regardless of your bike choice on that day, you’re covered. 

Ultra-light and compact – it could literally fit in your back pocket! 

Buy the Dynaplug Racer online today (with FREE delivery) 

Here at Endurotyres, we only stock products that we have tried and tested ourselves and genuinely use whilst riding. You can buy a Dynaplug online for just £35.99 with FREE next day delivery as standard. This is the perfect partner for your Michelin MTB tyres. 

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