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Hungary Ready For ISDE Sardinia

The Hungarian World Trophy Team are ready for this year’s ISDE in Sardinia from September 30 – October 5.

After three months of preparation, the selection for the World Trophy Team was recently announced.

Hungarian World Trophy Team

200# Ákos Csorba

201# Gábor Grillmayer – European Enduro Championship 4th place

202# Péter Kátai – 2007 Dakar Rally 20th place, Red Bull Romaniacs 6th place

203# Ádám Pető – Europe Cross-Country Junior 3rd place

204# György Solymosi – Europe Cross-Country 3rd place

205# Barnabás Tóth

hungarian isde team 2013

Hungary will also field two Club teams, one of which will include an entry from Enduro Department Leader of Hungarian Motorsport Association (MAMS) Peter Nagy.

1st Club Team

470# Péter Miksi

570# Ádám Hadobás

670# Péter Nagy

2nd Club Team:

434# Tamás Boros

534# János Dési

634# Zoltán Szabolcska