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Introducing Metzeler Enduro Tyres is a trusted supplier of tyres and products for UK MX / Enduro / Trial, and Adventure riders and as a business we continue to grow and develop to offer a full range of tyres that are suitable for every rider. 

Our latest expansion comes in the form of adding an additional choice of tyre to our fantastic Moto products. We know how important it is to feel prepared and confident going into your rides and a lot of that comes down to your tyre performance and features. 

We want you to have a one-stop-shop for all things Enduro so the team at Endurotyres are working hard to provide that here. At we’re still number one for Michelin but It’s really exciting for us to offer Metzeler Enduro tyres – read on to find out why you should be excited too!


Why Metzeler Tyres? 

Our priority at is your ride experience. No two rides are the same so we know you need variety when it comes to tyres to suit each race need. 

Metzeler MCE 6 Days Extreme tyres are the ultimate Enduro competition tyre dominating the Enduro Racing world and developed with factory riders for your most extreme challenges. 


Features & Benefits of Metzeler Enduro Tyres

There are so many great reasons to choose Metzeler MCE 6 Days Extreme tyres which is why we’ve added them to our Moto range. Read on to find out more: 


Great rides on all terrains

Features high-resistance carcass material with remarkable dampening characteristics meaning predictable behaviour and feedback to the rider in all situations. 


Extreme traction with every ride

Designed with wide-spaced, lateral knobs the Metzeler MCE 6 Day’s Extreme tyres are self-cleaning and offer lateral support with cornering stability.


Made to withstand 

High-performance carbon black filler provides heat resistance, whilst the specific polymers of the compound mean chemical and mechanical grip on both dry and slippery surfaces. Expect protection against cuts, abrasions, and tears! 


Our Metzeler Tyres Range

Our firm favourites in the Metzeler range are the MCE 6 Days Extreme tyres which is why we’ve added them as a choice for you in our online shop. 

The front tyres have hard, medium and soft options with the rear tyres offering hard, soft and super soft. For races where superior power traction is required choosing the soft or super soft is recommended – they’ve been expertly designed with different compounds for this purpose! 

Whatever you choose, we have added all variations of the tyres to suit your specific race needs – more choice, better rides! 

Paul Daley-Smith, owner of, has some great advice for when it comes to choosing your tyres, “If I want good grip I would go for a soft rear tyre and soft front tyre. For harder rides, such as rocks and off camber, I would use an extra soft rear tyre combined with a soft or super soft front tyre.”

When it comes to the medium Metzeler tyres Paul tells us, “Medium Metzeler tyres are a good all-round tyre and they’ll last longer than the soft tyres!”

If our Metzeler enduro tyres are your wheels of choice you can buy them online now at

Metzeler 6 days extreme tyres