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ISDE KTM Rental & Service Packages

ISDE KTM Rental & Service Packages
KTM have announced their bike rental and service packages for the ISDE in San Juan Argentina on November 3-8.

As always, KTM will be there as the event’s exclusive partner both ready to race and with its comprehensive KTM Services to both professional and passionate amateur riders.

The Austrian sports motorcycle manufacturer will be in Argentina to offer its exclusive KTM Services that provides a comprehensive package including: KTM rental machines, Race Service and Spare Parts Service and much more. 

Rental Details:

KTM offers an exclusive rental program of KTM motorcycles. Available will be models of model year 2015 for the following classes:

  • 2-stroke: 125EXC, 250EXC, 300EXC
  • 4-stroke: 250EXC-F, 350EXC, 450EXC, 500EXC

The price for renting a KTM motorcycle during the Six Days is:

  • € 2.990, (excl. VAT) for 2-strokes
  • € 3.290, (excl. VAT) for 4-strokes

The rental price includes:

  • KTM motorcycle for the period of the Six Days 2014
  • Transport costs to San Juan, Argentina
  • Registration and insurance of the motorcycle for the event

Order deadline for the bike rental is July 18th 2014

The number of rental bikes is limited and orders will be handled on a “first come-first served” basis. No delivery guarantee can be given for orders received after the order deadline.

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KTM Race Service Details

The KTM Services package for ISDE has been perfected over many years to ensure riders have all the best equipment and professional support they need for six days of unprecedented riding and competition pleasure.

Content of the KTM Race Service

  • Access to the KTM Service Stations
  • Technical instructions for all KTM riders
  • Technical assistance for the whole event as is permitted according to FIM rules
  • Tools for the service
  • Lubricants and liquids for servicing (engine oil, cooling liquid, chain spray …)
  • Petrol for the race days
  • Daily update for settings and race information
  • WP suspension support
  • Storage boxes for gloves, goggles, tyres* …
  • Service Points Emergency Assistance (spares, tools, liquids, petrol, drinks, snacks, fruits)
  • Spare Parts Service (cost of spare parts not included)
  • Catering (drinks, snacks, fruits…)
  • One airfilter every day for the race days each rider (up to 6 airfilters overall)
  • First bike service after pre ride (before technical control)
  • De-Restrict the bike if required
  • The price for the KTM Race Service during the 2014 Six Days is 1.490 Euro (excl. VAT). Unused fuel will not be reimbursed.

The KTM Six Days Race Service must be ordered before July 31st 2014.