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iWitness – The Good & The Not So Good…

iWitness – The Good & The Not So Good...

For most riders Hard Enduro is bloody hard work. Guys like Graham Jarvis and David Knight often make things look way too easy. But mix both ability levels together on the same terrain and it becomes obvious why they’re winning and we’re, well, not!

Video 1 – This is how most folk tackle an obstacle like this slippery, greasy, steep waterfall. Give it a go and then fall off!


Video 2 – With a clear track in front of him it hasn’t even cost Jarvis a thought or a dab – bet he didn’t even work up a sweat. Heck – did he even slow down, let alone stop!


Video 3 – There’s a rider stuck. Normally that means queue up and wait your turn to have a go, right? Not David Knight. Move aside lads, he’s coming through!


Video 4 – How it feels most days – give us a hand! Skip to 8.35 to watch the guy nail the tree!