After 12 months of ongoing injury, Jamie McCanney put that all behind him with a stunning double victory at the opening rounds of the British Enduro Championship in Scotland.

In extremely deeps and unforgiving sandy terrain, the Manx youngster delivered a master class in sand riding around the coastal Lossiemouth forestry. Increasing his speed when others began to fade, Jamie didn’t just claim two convincing wins he also proved that his fitness is very much up to scratch.

Now with the opening rounds of the Enduro World Championship just over one week away in Chile, the Husqvarna rider is keen to carry that momentum to South America and deliver a successful start to his 2015 EWC campaign…

Congratulations Jamie, with two wins you couldn’t have asked for a better start to the championship!

Jamie McCanney: “Thanks, honestly I can’t quite believe how well things have gone. Two wins is perfect, I can’t ask for better than that!”

It looked tough out there, some of the sandiest conditions we’ve seen for a long time. What was it like to ride?

“It has bloody hard work. I like riding in sand but Lossiemouth is one of the toughest places around to race in. With really tight checks and a difficult special test to master it was definitely a harsh start to the BEC series. For those who worked hard over the winter it paid off.”

Lossiemouth saw a very last minute change of machinery for you. When did you decide to swap from the FE 350 to the FE 250?

“The decision came on Thursday evening before the race. It was all a bit last minute because I literally ran the bike in on Friday morning and then raced it straightaway. Thankfully the gamble paid off.”

jamie.mccanney Husqvarna Enduro Team 2015 2613 106435© Edmunds / enduro21.com

Why drop down from the FE 350 to the FE 250?

“It’s something that’s played on my mind for a while now. I loved riding the 350 during the winter but at a recent test session with the team I began to lose confidence in myself with the bike. I could ride it all day at 90 per cent but when the stopwatch came out I wasn’t able to find those five seconds to match the guys but when I rode my brother Daniel’s 250f I could. For the Enduro Junior World Championship it doesn’t matter what size of bike I ride so it hasn’t really affected things too much.”

Overall everything seems to be heading in the right direction for you following a long lay off from injury. You must be itching to get going for the EWC opener in two weeks time?

“Now that I’ve got everything sorted I feel like I’m in a good place. It was tough to sit on the injury bench for over six months but I’m raring to go racing again. Winning the BEC opener has been a massive confidence boost for me. Obviously the conditions will be completely different in Chile but I definitely feel like I’ve well and truly knock the race rust off and will be on the pace for round one.”

Finally, with round one of the EWC in Chile just over a week away, what are your goals for 2015?

“Winning the EJ title is at the top of my list – it’s got to be. Without sounding big headed I know I’m capable of doing it and I know that’s what’s expected of me. But it’s a long year ahead and I’m not the only one going to Chile with winning on their mind. If I can get a win at round one that will be great but as long as I’m on the podium scoring good points then I’ll be happy. I’m in this for the long haul!”