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Japanese Enduro Championship – Round 2

Japanese Enduro Championship - Round 2

The second round of the MKJ Japanese Enduro Championship ventured into pastures new with the series heading to the city of Osaka for the first time.

Kenji Suzuki was the guy to beat and led home the International A class.

Ground was limited for round two but amazingly the organisers squeezed two special test and a 10km loop into the surrounding area.

Kazuto Yano and Masahiro Kobayasji were closely matched in the B class but it was Yano who edged his way in front to come away with the win.

japan-enduro Kugimura

Shaking things up and adding a bit of spice to proceedings, one of the special tests was morphed into an endurocross track for a bit of end of day carnage.

Next round of JEC is Hidaka Two Days Enduro on September.

International-A class

1. Kenji Suzuki YAMAHA1:01:41.48

2. Tadashi Kugimura HONDA1:02:05.30

3. Masanari OtaKTM            1:05:21.87

4. Nobuya Watarai Kawasaki 1:05:36.22

5. Yutaro Uchiyama YAMAHA1:05:45.69

International-B class

1. Kazuto Yano KTM1:03:20.77

2. Masahiro Kobayashi HONDA1:03:57.76

3. Taiki Kosuge YAMAHA1:09:52.41

Photo : ENDURO.J

Hisashi HARUKI