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JCR Honda Win Baja 500

JCR Honda Win Baja 500

JCR Honda secured a commanding victory at the Baja 500

The 45th Baja 500 was set to be a battle for the ages with four super teams consisting of the most talented off-road desert racers in the world all set to do battle on a freshly groomed 499 mile Baja 500 course.

The JCR/Honda team of Timmy Weigand, Colton Udall and David Kamo were the team to beat coming off a win at the SCORE Baja 250. The speed and experience of the JCR/Honda program was on full display at this year’s Baja 500 as the team executed their race strategy to a perfection.

Timmy Weigand started the race and then immediately handed the bike to Colton Udall. Colton rode 215 miles and put the bike into the physical lead at race mile 130 and gained a six-minute gap over all racers.


Handing the bike to David Kamo, he stretched out the lead to 11 minutes during his 100-mile section.

Timmy Weigand rode the next 140 miles and extended the lead to 21 minutes before handing the bike back to Colton for the final 45 miles to the finish.

“I’m very pleased with the overall effort,” confirmed Jonny Campbell. “The racers pre run plan was excellent and prepared them to succeed.”