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Johnny Aubert – “It’s Great To Finally Win”

Johnny Aubert – “It’s Great To Finally Win”

The Enduro 2 class continued to prove as competitive and unpredictable as ever when a new winner emerged on day one in Romania. After coming agonisingly close to winning on numerous occasions this year KTM’s Johnny Aubert finally took a day win in the 2013 Enduro World Championship season. And he’s hoping it won’t be his last…

Getting his GP of Romania off to the best possible start by setting the fastest E2 class time on the Friday evening SuperTest Aubert looked controlled and confident in his riding. Avoiding trouble when others around him crashed, he kept his cool and secured a comfortable win.

“It feels great to have finally won,” confirmed Aubert at the end of day one. “I’ve been trying hard all year and came close a couple of times, so it’s fantastic to have finally got it done.”

johnny.aubert EWC-2013-Rnd-5 0368-1080-webAubert got off to the best possible start with a win on the Supertest… © Edmunds /

With the extreme test proving to be the most decisive special test of the day, Aubert steered clear of the carnage that ensued on the opening lap to take an early lead in the race.

“That first extreme test was a bit crazy,” told Aubert. “I don’t think anyone was expecting so many mistakes to be made. First Alex crashed twice and then Ivan. The grassy hills were slippery than we expected and the rocky hill climb was incredibly deceptive. I was lucky – I didn’t crash and that put me into the lead almost immediately.”

Finding the woodland based enduro test to his liking, Aubert continuously placed up the sharp end of the results. Fast, smooth and crucially mistake free, the KTM rider held station at the front of the field.

johnny.aubert EWC-2013-Rnd-5 1658-1080-web

“I was happy with how I rode on the enduro test because I didn’t think it would suit me. I felt good on it and wasn’t riding above my limit to set a fast time. At first I thought I was too slow but when I looked at the clock my times were right there. Maybe riding smooth was the secret to setting a good time. I needed this win – but I’ll be fighting hard to get some more.”