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Jonny Walker – Why I’m Missing Eddy’s Xtreme

Jonny Walker – Why I’m Missing Eddy’s Xtreme

New Year’s Eve surgery has left Jonny Walker on the sidelines for this weekend’s Eddy’s Xtreme in Tong. Jonny explains why…

“It’s not easy to miss a race, especially when it’s the first one of a new season and also one that’s close to home. But unfortunately I’m not able to race the opening round of the British Extreme Enduro Championship on Sunday and I’m gutted about that.

“The truth is that over the Christmas holidays – New Year’s Eve to be exact – I was back under the surgeon’s knife. When I should have been out partying and ringing in the New Year I was in hospital getting sliced and diced. Thankfully it was nothing major – only a day surgery – but it still needed to be done. And with Christmas the only real quiet period for me that was the best time to do it.

“At the previous round of the SuperEnduro World Championship in Poland I crashed heavily in practice. On a section where the track came back down out of the spectator stands, the front wheel washed out on a tricky set of logs and spat me onto the concrete floor just off the track. Landing heavily on my elbow dislodged some cartilage that caused it to lock out when I ride. Similar to knee keyhole surgery, the doctors scrapped out that nasty blob of gunk and stitched it all back up.

“Unfortunately the time frame I’d given myself to be ready for Eddy’s Xtreme just wasn’t long enough. The stitches have only just literally come out and the wound is still fresh, which is why I’ve got to take a step back. If I race and risk a crash I could land on my elbow and be back to square one. After this weekend I’ve got about five races on the bounce. I need to be 100 per cent.

“It’s a frustrating situation to be in but one I need to be sensible about and I’m sure you can understand that. But I’ll still be at the event to watch the racing, so make sure you come over and say hello!

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