Introducing juniors to the world of Motocross and Enduro

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Introducing juniors to the world of Motocross and Enduro

If you’re a keen motocross or Enduro rider, chances are you will want to try and get your little ones involved too. But where is the best place to start,

If you’re a keen motocross or Enduro rider, chances are you will want to try and get your little ones involved too. But where is the best place to start, and which are the best junior Motocross/Enduro tyres to equip their bike with?

We’re obviously a bit biased, but this is an amazing sport for kids… Not only is it great fun, but it will build their confidence, keep them fit and active and increase their social skills (it will also toughen them up a bit) and keep them outside (instead of being in front of a TV screen all weekend). 

Where’s a good place to start?

You don’t want to force your child into anything they don’t want to do (as much as it might kill you to see them opt for another sport), so the first step is to let them experience it for themselves to see if they get the same buzz that you do. 

There are plenty of local, smaller competitions and events going on throughout the year that you can attend and be right in the middle of the action. Being trackside really gives another perspective to the sport and hopefully, they’ll be hooked immediately!

Decide on a riding style  

They don’t need to be shoehorned into one class from day dot, but also you may get a sense of which type would be best for them based on their personality. 

Enduro, for example, is a very competitive sport and is more suited to those mini thrillseekers with no fear and plenty of endurance (as the name suggests). Trail riding is better for the explorers, those not so adamant about always winning but who love the adrenaline rush of being on a bike. Motocross is still a competitive sport, but maybe better for the less patient kiddos in your life as it’s a much quicker race. 

Getting them their first bike

Generally, they won’t be able to get on their first bike until they’re at least 4 years old. This is because the sport, in general, requires a certain level of control, balance and discipline. You also need to remember it’s not a sport you can be by their side for at all times, so they need this confidence initially to get started and actually get on the bike.

If you are not keen on splurging out on a bike before they’ve given it a go, then it’s worth trying out some of the local training schools near you. This will allow them to get on a bike and try out different classes before committing. 

Buying the right gear

So you’ve bought the bike and they are well on their way to becoming the next champion enduro rider (well so you think). Now it’s time for the right equipment, which is where we come in! 

The tyre choice, even at this young age as a beginner is still so important as it will properly set them for a good ride. We stock a wide range of ‘mini’ and ‘junior’ tyres that we would highly recommend for bikes under 150cc.

Introducing Michelin StarCross

A firm favourite for both adults and kids alike, the Michelin StarCross range really ticks all the boxes for junior riders

Starting from a very affordable £24.44* for the rear tyres, the range of mini / junior tyres provide the following benefits: 

  • High-performance riding
  • Improved traction on a wide range of terrains
  • Excellent handling and manoeuvrability
  • Available in a wide range of sizes in front and rear 
  • Used by champion junior riders across the world  

Don’t forget, you also need to purchase the following: 

  • Protective gear 
  • Boots 
  • Goggles 
  • Helmet 
  • Gloves 
  • Knee braces 

Start their training – but keep it fun 

And they’re good to go!

There’s no denying that this sport has an element of risk, however what sport doesn’t? But as long as your child is taught properly and has that discipline we’re sure they’ll smash it!  

Need more advice? Get in touch!

The team at Endurotyres are all avid riders themselves, so we’re always on hand to answer any questions you may have. We ourselves have experience of getting our children involved in the sport and in fact, some have gone on to become podium winners and even Enduro champions!

It’s not just motocross tyres and enduro tyres we stock online either, we also have a range of accessories, including: 

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*Price correct at the time of the article being written