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How to keep your motocross tyres and accessories in good condition for the 2019 season

Whether you’re a new rider, or a seasoned competitor that has been riding for many years, being equipped with the right motocross tyres and accessories is essential to get the most out of this challenging sport. Not only is the right kit key to maximising your riding performance, it will also keep your feet firmly on the foot pegs as you rip around the circuit!

Here at Enduro Tyres, we stock only the best motocross tyres and accessories that we’ve tried and tested ourselves. Our products are carefully selected, using our many years of motocross experience.

Selecting your kit is the first step to motocross success, but how can you make sure that your motocross tyres and accessories are kept in the optimal condition throughout the season? Read on to find out.

Maximise the performance of your motocross tyres and accessories

Over the years, we’ve discovered the most important steps to take to improve riding performance and make your tyres last longer:

Choose the right tyres for your riding style

As Michelin off-road tyre specialists we may be biased, but we firmly believe that fitting the right tyres on your bike is the most important piece of kit for motocross success. To choose the right tyres, it’s really important to fully understand your riding style before you splash the cash. Tyres which have capabilities which match your riding style and needs will perform better and keep in good condition for longer.

Some of our most popular Moto Tyres include:

Michelin Tracker Tyres – new for 2019, the Tracker range is the ideal all-rounder for cost-conscious riders. A road legal tyre with great off-road capabilities, on a varied range of terrains. Ideal if you’re looking for a cost-effective tyre that can be used for many events.

Michelin MX Starcross Tyres – a great choice for newer riders. For the Starcross range, Michelin worked hard to develop a dual compound tyre which provides easier handling on a variety of different terrain types.

Fit a Bib Mousse to protect your tyres

Here at Enduro Tyres, we think that the Michelin Bib Mousse range are simply the best accessories to protect your tyres. If you only install one accessory to enhance your off-road riding, we believe the Bib Mousse should be the one! Bib Mousse makes your tyres practically puncture proof.

If you’re new to the off-road world, you may not know that Bib Mousse are foam tubes which are, essentially, a longer lasting alternative to the inner tube. They’re really easy to fit, and although they’re pricier than inner tubes, Bib Mousse delivers a noticeable and immediate performance improvement.

Enduro Tyres stock the full range of Michelin Bib Mousse, including the new larger M14’s. Buy Michelin Bib Mousse online today.

Keep your motocross tyres correctly inflated

Maintaining your tyres at the optimum pressure has a big impact on your tyre’s longevity. Tyres which are incorrectly inflated can and wear-down faster and wear unevenly.

For optimal tyre inflation, we recommend –

For Trial riding on slow speed, we would suggest 6 Psi for the front and 3 Psi for the rear. For MX and Enduro, depending on the track, we would suggest 15-18 Psi for both front and rear.

Store your tyres effectively

Storing your tyres in a cool dry place reduces the chances of your tyres changing pressure during storage. Varying tyre pressures can prematurely degrade your tyres.

Get advice from the Motocross experts at Enduro Tyres

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