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Your essential kit for Trials riding days

Regardless of if you are a beginner or have been attending Trials riding days for many years, you will know the importance of having the correct kit for this challenging sport. Trial riding takes endurance, precision, agility and skill, just to name a few, but choosing your kit wisely can make the difference between a successful run and too many penalties.

Below we’ve outlined some our top picks, which will hopefully help to keep your feet firmly off the ground at all times!

Your tyres

We may be biased, but we reckon your tyres are one of the most important things to get right when taking on trials riding days. Here are our 2 favourites:

Michelin X11

We have found that in winter conditions the Michelin Trial X11 tyre gives better traction in mud and has a thicker sidewall, so may provide better (tubeless) puncture resistance.

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Michelin X Light

The Michelin X Light tyre does what it says on the tin, it’s the lightest of the Trial tyres, making it ideal for smaller bikes with pro or lighter weight riders. We would recommend this tyre to be used in dry, summer conditions.

We also offer a combo deal on the Michelin X Light range, so you can save yourself some money and purchase the front and rear tyre together… buy it here.

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Your accessories

We sell a range of accessories which suit both Enduro, Trail and Trial riders. Having the right accessories can mean that you will be more prepared, speed up the process of preparation before the race and also keep your tyres in the best condition they can be before and after your Trials riding days.

Off road tyre rim protector

Our recommended accessories are:

  • Motion Pro Rim Protectors – an essential piece of kit to be kept in your tool box for ultimate protection of your rims.
  • Motion Pro Bead Buddy – to make your life a little easier when changing your tyre, the bead buddy will push down the bead on your tyre.

Your clothing

Boots, helmet, protective gear… you’re going to need it all!

Luckily for you, we are offering 15% off the Motoking website when you use code ‘Endurotyres18’ at their checkout.

Motoking supply a range of Scott products to suit all kinds of budgets and off road riding requirements ready for your Trials riding days.

Your extra’s

It’s the little things that will help you get through your Trial, so make sure you are well prepared and have:

  • Plenty of water
  • Snacks
  • Support from friends and family

Need more trial riding days advice?

With a team of experienced off road riders, we are on hand to offer advice for any upcoming Trials riding days you have. Just give us a call on 01980 65-55-55 or pop us an email here.

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