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Looking for eBike tyres? We now stock the Michelin eWild tyres

Whether you’re sporting a Giant, Haibike, Vitus or any other popular eBike, you can be sure that they will accelerate your riding. However, you will need to equip your eBike with the best suited eBike tyres to really see the difference and improve your performance.

Why an eBike?

Aside from the adrenaline hit you get from an eBike, there are many other reasons why our customers choose them over the conventional mountain bike.

You’ll ride further, faster and for longer – with an eBike, you’ll be getting the added pedal power! With many eBike batteries lasting much longer nowadays, you’ll be able to keep going for hours and enjoy a whole day of exploring, whether that’s off road or keeping to the main tracks and roads.

They’ll test your limits – using an eBike definitely doesn’t mean you won’t be putting any effort into your ride, trust us when we say you can still push your limits to the max. Using an eBike will allow you to give those trails a go that you may not have the confidence to do on a normal mountain bike.

It will allow you to keep up – struggling to ride at the same level as your mates on a standard mountain bike? You don’t need to miss out on the fun as your eBike will allow you to match their speed and go the distance!

What should I look for when purchasing eBike tyres?

Firstly, you want to ensure that you are buying an eBike tyre from a brand that puts technology at the forefront of their design, you don’t want to go for the first eBike tyre you see just because it’s cheap – a cheap tyre on an eBike will leave you with an underperforming bike, and you’ll find your battery will drain very quickly.

Secondly, you need to buy your eBike tyres from a respected company that knows what they are talking about. Check out our 5-star reviews on Trustpilot here.

Why Michelin eWild tyres?

We are strong believers that Michelin is the way to go, not only do we recommend their eBike tyres, but from our experience and knowledge of Michelin products, they always provide impressive performance, that, to this day hasn’t let us down.

Their technology is constantly being improved and worked on so that their products are always up-to-date, bringing the best options to market.

Michelin eWild tyres are no exception to this. From our testing and customer feedback, we’ve found that the Michelin eWild tyres benefit from:

Extreme protection – much like many of Michelin’s popular tyre ranges, these eBike tyres include gravity shield technology and pinch protection.

Optimum grip on all terrains – this tyre can get you anywhere and everywhere, so you won’t be left using a tyre that can’t cope on different terrains. Whether you are using the eWild tyres across a dry track or muddy trail, they will get you there in one piece! The great grip capabilities come from the E-GUM-X rubber which provides an excellent tread pattern used across other Enduro ranges.

Great energy consumption – the technology, design and composition used in the Michelin eBike tyres means they use less energy, so your battery will go for longer.

Buy your eBike tyres online today…

As one of the largest suppliers of Michelin off road products in the UK for moto and cycle, you can find the Michelin eWild eBike tyres here.

We understand that when you need your tyres, you want them quickly, so we offer next day delivery as standard across our site.

We also stock a range of different mountain bike tyres, so if you’re still planning on sticking with these for a bit longer until you make the change to an eBike, take a look here.

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