Maintaining Enduro Inner Tubes |

Maintaining Enduro inner tubes

Enduro inner tubes – protecting your performance

The enduro inner tube or bib-mousse inside your tyres are a hugely important factor that contributes to the performance of your bike. Having the correct size inner tube and keeping them in a decent condition should keep your bike performing at its optimum.

Generally, they are pretty heavy duty and can last a while but if you want to get the most out of them by maintaining enduro inner tubes there are several things to note.

Get the right size

To get the best out of them, your enduro inner tubes should sit flush against the sidewall of your tyres. Inexperienced riders often opt to slightly under inflate their tyres in the belief that lower pressure will give extra grip in muddy riding conditions. This is, in fact, a myth and can even be damaging to the enduro inner tubes by increasing the chance of pinching that can weaken the rubber.

Jack Booker Enduro rider

Keep them clean

Friction is the worst enemy of enduro inner tubes, any rubbing will significantly weaken the rubber making it more susceptible to punctures. The inner tube being snugly fitted within the tyre means that any grit or dirt inside the tyres will be directly wearing and damaging the inner tubes.

Whilst it is not necessary, removing enduro inner tubes for cleaning can prolong their lifespan

The removal of enduro inner tubes or Michelin bib mousse is made easy by the Rabaconda tyre changer. Quickly remove your inner tubes using the rig and tyre levers, then clean the inside of your tyre to get rid of any unwanted muck. The Rabaconda tool is ideal for maintaining Enduro inner tubes.

Use a gel

Whenever removing or putting an inner tube or bib mousse back into a tyre, we highly recommend that you use a lubricant such as Michelin mousse gel which will provide anti-friction both when fitting and riding.

We supply all Michelin enduro inner tubes, including their 4mm thick ultra heavy duty inner tubes that offer ultimate protection against punctures.

If you require any further help regarding Michelin bib mousse or enduro inner tubes don’t hesitate to contact us on 01980 655555.