Michelin Bib Mousse FAQs - Enduro Tyres

Everything you need to know about Michelin Bib Mousse

Michelin Bib Mousse is essential for your off road tyres. The simple Michelin Bib Mousse installation makes this the ideal product to take to events and competitions, protecting your off road tyres and making them last longer.

As the Michelin Bib Mousse is sized differently to other manufactures and it’s really important that you read the following FAQS before ordering.

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Common Michelin Bib Mousse FAQs

Q: So what has changed with the new M14 Michelin Bib Mousse?

A: The mousse has grown in circumference by approximately 30mm. This is due to the internal carcass of the new Michelin medium 140 /80/18 FIM Enduro tyre being much larger than its’ predecessors Comp 3 and Comp 6 (now discontinued). They have also made some changes to the ingredients used to create the Bib Mousse which give longer life and reduce the break in time considerably. The same applies to the M18 Mousse, and the ingredients change will eventually benefit the rest of the range too.

Q: Are you saying the new M14 in a Michelin 140 Enduro Medium tyre doesn’t require breaking in?

A: Yes, we have carried out extensive winter testing with several top BEC riders on a mixture of 125/150/ 250f/350f/3002t machines at South Wales at a Forest location with streams, rocks, and a grass type test all the riders remarked on how well it performed from new and would be confident to go straight into a special test on a new Mousse & tyre combo.

Q: Why didn’t Michelin launch both the new M14 Michelin Bib Mousse and the new medium tyre at the same time?

A: Dealers still had stock of the old comp 3/comp 6 tyres and the new M14 Mousse is too large for these, the new Enduro medium 140/80/18 tyre launched at ISDE in France, late 2017 and was an instant winner and now a firm favourite with both leisure and pro racers, due to its revolutionary added Silica technology (see info here) so now is the time to make the switch to larger size.

Q: You say new M14 will only fit Enduro Medium Comp 140/80/18 tyre? This sounds like a sales gimmick to sell more Michelin tyre and mousse combinations!

A: You can take any car / truck / bike tyre of the same size from any manufacturer and they will all vary in size dramatically, dirt bike tyres especially. Michelin have SPECIFICALLY designed this mousse to give a perfect fit in a Michelin Medium 140/80/18 and refuse to effect its performance by compromising its design to fit other brands of tyre; the sticker on the box reminds the user of this.

Q: Should I only use Michelin Bib Mousse with Michelin tyres?

A: Yes! The Michelin Bib Mousse products have been designed to fit perfectly with Michelin tyres. We would not recommend using Michelin Bib Mousse with any other tyre brands.

Q: Why can’t Michelin carry production of the previous size M14 mousse to suit non Michelin tyre users?

A: It then becomes very confusing effectively making a Michelin product for use in non Michelin 140 tyres; also the risk of a customer having a mousse failure in a non Michelin tyre due to sizing issues is a very real problem and could cast a degree of negativity over the product with only half a story being reported on social media for example that it was incompatible. This new tyre and Mousse combination is that good that we feel customers will choose this pairing for the gains in performance.The fact that many riders have found that the M14 Bib Mousse works extremely well in other brands of tyre is a happy coincidence, as Michelin have never recommended fitting them to anything other than what they were designed for – Michelin tyres. Michelin are very proud of their quality and reputation and they don’t want to taint that by a having a customer experience a mousse failure in a non Michelin tyre due the ‘wrong’ M14 being fitted, and blamed, for example.

Q: I still have a good condition older type M14 mousse. Can I use it in a new Medium tyre?

A: As we say on our website; as long as it’s not too old and hasn’t shrunk, you should be fine. Obviously, the new tyre is larger internally so will have a very soft feel with the older type mousse.

Q: Are Bib Mousse road legal?

A: Simple answer is NO. Michelin designed the product over 30 years ago for factory team riders only, over the years it’s been available to the general public, across the world riders are competing in Enduro events and trail riding on the public highway with mousse, to the best of our knowledge we have never known of an issue or prosecution. If your dirt bike is 100% road legal with indicators/mirrors/reflector’s and you intend on doing lots of road work then Mousse is probably not for you!

Q: Have the other Bib Mousse in the range changed?

A: The M18 Bib Mousse to suit the 120 section rear Enduro Medium has also changed and is again slightly larger, as is the M199 19” Bib Mousse, you will notice improved packaging for all.

Q: Will the new M14 Bib Mousse fit the Star cross 5 120/9018 MX tyre?

A: Normally a 140 Mousse wont fit a 120 tyre , but the internal size of the Star cross 120/90/18 is larger so yes we have tried it it’s a tight fit but works well, We don’t recommend the M18 for the 120/90-18 – it’s very soft. We do for the 110/100-18 though.

Q: Do the sponsored Michelin riders really use exactly the same tyres and mousse that I can buy from you?

A: Yes! Their tyres and mousse comes straight from our daily stock, same as yours. Feel free to closely examine any tyre or Bib Mousse they use at events and don’t be afraid to ask them for tyre advice.

Q: I don’t use Bib Mousse, am I still ok on inner tubes?

A: Yes of course! We stock genuine Michelin heavy duty inner tubes, or ultra heavy duty (UHD) 4mm thick tubes as an alternative to Bib Mousse.

Q: I don’t require a road legal tyre and am not competing in events that require FIM tyres, do I still use these Enduro Medium’s?

A: Good question. The Michelin Starcross 5 MX tyre, available in 18″ rear, is a great Cross Country Hare and Hounds tyre. The soft option is fantastic on rocks and extreme type. For traditional Forestry type going, ie roots, rocks, grass or mud, we always suggest Enduro Medium; with it’s lower tread blocks you can’t go wrong. The Starcross 5 Medium is better suited to enduro and H&H conditions, the Soft when run at low pressures and with mixed conditions can wear fast and lose knobbles – it does have to be really sloppy going to beat the Enduro Medium.

Q: The new Blue Bib Mousse box has pictures of rim locks on, do Michelin now recommend the use of rim lock?

A: 20 years ago when Bib Mousse was first introduced, rim locks were sharp cast metal with bonded on rubber and these cut the Mousse and caused problems , so long as you use modern Solid Plastic KTM / Husky OE type rim lock here, or the superior lighter nylon Motion Pro type here, you will be fine, in fact when using Rabaconda we find using a Rim lock makes fitting a Bib Mousse easier on the initial hook over on first Bead, see video here at 2.40.

Q: Do you really need to use genuine Michelin Bib Mousse lube?

A: Over the years we have heard stories of customers using virtually every substance as mousse lube. The genuine lube gel is to prevent friction build up which greatly reduces the life of your mousse. Regular re-lubing will extend the life of your Bib Mousse for ease of application, one 50 gram tube of genuine gel is required per Bib Mousse and they come in a box of 12 that will easily last a racing season.

Q: How long does a Bib Mousse last?

A: That’s a very difficult question to answer and is dependant on so many factors. Friction is the worst enemy along with sustained high-speed road use, obviously, a big Rally bike fully laden with fuel/Nav Tower in a hot country is going to be more demanding on a Bib Mousse than a green laner on a small 250f in a cold British winter. Surprisingly a Expert level Enduro racer who wears a rear tyre out at every event, and then removes the Bib Mousse out to re-lube and re fit into new tyre can actually get more life from the Mousse as its always in a lubed state and doesn’t dry out. Once a rider uses a Mousse and the guarantee of NEVER getting a puncture they NEVER go back to air! With a Rabaconda tyre changer (purchase here) Bib Mousse fitment takes minutes and forms part of your usual mid-week bike prep.