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Michelin motorcycle tyres at Endurotyres.com

We are the #1 destination for off-road Michelin motorcycle tyres. No matter your standard as a rider, rookie or pro, we will strive to help you get the best riding experience.

Our team are all passionate about the sport, frequently attending events across the country so we know a thing or two about off-road riding! We understand that every rider’s needs are different, for that reason we will help you select the tyre that is most suited to your riding style.

Speak to one of our experts today to find out which Michelin tyre is best for you. Call 01723 344782.

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Market leading dirt bike tyres

Being market leaders, Michelin consistently produce tyres that are of the highest quality.

Michelin off-road tyres have enormous versatility in that they produce a range for almost every type of riding imaginable. Tell us what you ride and where and we will suggest a combination that will get the most from you and your bike.

We have tried and tested other brands over the years but Endurotyres truly believe that Michelin is the best across all off-road disciplines and would choose Michelin every time. But don’t just go by our opinion, Michelin tyres are also trusted by a wide range of professional riders and teams across the world.

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Michelin dirt bike tyres

The ranges of Michelin motorbike tyres available from our store include:

Other products we stock

We don’t only sell  tyres, we also supply a number of off-road riding accessories such as Bib Mousse / inner tubes both heavy duty and Ultra heavy duty, Michelin mousse gel and tyre changing products including the world leading Rabaconda Mousse changer available with optional levers.

To find out more about any of our tyres or other products, have a look at our shop or contact us on 01723 344782 if you require further assistance.