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Catching up with Alan Ranger on Michelin motorcycle tyres

At the end of June, some of the Enduro Tyres team competed at the Welsh 2 Day Enduro event against around 500 other riders. As Alan Ranger explains in the below video, it’s not just about the racing on the day, having the best Michelin motorcycle tyres that you’re bike can handle and having the knowledge to be able to fit them properly without the need of a mechanic is very important.

We caught up with Alan to discuss in a bit more detail, why he chooses Michelin.

Why do you choose Michelin motorcycle tyres for dirt bike racing?

They are a trusted brand, with years of experience and expertise. Michelin motorcycle tyres work for our riders, so we know they’ll work for our customers too.

What was the last tyre that you used whilst racing?   

I’ve recently just tested the new Enduro mediums which came out earlier this month and was very impressed on the grip levels of the new range, I would definitely recommend these to riders and will be using them again.

The new range is now available to purchase through our online shop, here.

What bike(s) do you ride?     

  • 2017 Husqvarna Te 250
  • 1983 Honda Tlr 200
  • 1967 Honda CZ 50 Monkey Bike
  • Classic 1990s Husqvarna Evo Te

What was your first dirt bike you owned?    

The Italjet 50

When’s your next competition race?    

My son Lewis competes at all the major UK Enduro events, so my riding fits in around him, if we have a free weekend I try and do a local trial.


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