MICHELIN Power Pure SC - Enduro Tyres


The first dual-compound radial tyre for high performance scooters
500 , 530 , 650, … 850 cc , scooter engines are getting bigger! Once just for urban use, this new generation of scooter extend their scope to roads and highways. With engines developing more than 70 horses for some large scooters – they now have the dynamic qualities and performance of more conventional motorcycles.
In Southern Europe, the big scooter has always been a popular choice of transport, so much so that, from 2007 to 2012, the European market for this class of two-wheel machine as a whole grew by 87%.
Power is up and the scooters are getting bigger, all this contributes to ask for more, especially with regard to safety, and remember – tyres are the only point of contact with the road.
By marketing the first scooter dual-compound radial sports tyre technology, Michelin provides a concrete and comprehensive response to these new expectations . This is the first time that the best technology of a tyre for two wheels is concentrated on a single scooter tire.
The MICHELIN Power Pure SC Radial offers many advantages :
The benefits of radial technology
Radial technology – directly from sports touring radial tyres

Better resistance to centrifugation – this new radial tyre offers high-speed constant rotation regardless of the speed reached (straight and curved) and better wear resistance behavior.

Michelin radial technology makes it lighter than a conventional tyre carcass – this weight loss results in increased acceleration performance and, under normal use can contribute to a reduction in fuel consumption.

Radial technology allows Michelin to support the future development of large scooters. This move toward more performance can only be achieved with safe use by increased tyre load carrying capacity and higher speed ratings, as is offered by this new Michelin tyre.
The benefits of Michelin dual compound technology used in the MICHELIN Power Pure SC Radial tyre are threefold:
    The soft rubber compound on the shoulders of the tyre generates additional traction in cornering.
    The rubber compound is tougher on the centre of the tread to promote longevity, traction and braking.
    The dual-compound technology provides even wear on the tyre during intense stress.
Two new dimensions:
In addition to an already extensive dimensional list, the MICHELIN Power Pure SC Radial is available in two new sizes that coincide with the recent appearance of the New Yamaha Tmax 530 and BMW C 600 Sport and C 650 GT. These two new sizes are:

 – 120/70 R 15 (front)
 – 160/60 R 15 (rear)

 These dimensions are available from August 2012.
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