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Michelin Racing Line tyres: A Q&A with a British Enduro Champ

Within the Michelin Wild MTB tyre range, you’ll find the Michelin Wild Racing Line tyres, available in front and rear. They offer incredible performance and have proved their worth by being the tyre choice for one of our supported riders and British Enduro Champ, Lewis Ranger. 

But what’s so special about them? In this article, we caught up with Lewis and got him to answer some quick fire Qs about the range and why he thinks it’s so good! 

What makes the Racing Line tyres different compared to the other Wild Enduro tyres in the series? 

The Michelin Racing Line tyres offer the same great grip as the original Wild Enduro but with added puncture protection and sidewall stiffness.

What technologies do the Racing Line range use that makes their performance so superior?

There is a lot of crossover between the tyres in the Enduro Wild range, which is why it can be hard to work out exactly which is best for your riding style and needs. However, it’s important to understand the technologies that many of the Michelin tyres use, so you can make a decision based on what you’re looking for. 

Magi-X – This is the type of rubber used within the tyre that is specifically designed for Enduro use on the front tyre, Magi-X is used when extreme grip performance is required. You’ll notice that most of the Michelin tyre range will either use this, or Gum-X which is designed to provide more rolling efficiency as opposed to grip. 

Downhill Shield Casing – This is also technology used by Michelin to provide more grip and robustness. Pair this with Magi-X rubber and you have yourself a winning grip combo! 

Anti-puncture reinforcement – Another element to add to the robustness of the Racing Line tyres is the anti-puncture reinforcement used on the tread design, this means that the handling is excellent even on low pressures.

What kind of competition would you suggest these are used for? 

This added protection is a must for events that run on rough terrain or that take you on a big loop away from the pits where a puncture could finish your race.

What tyres do you use when you’re not competing?

When not competing, I will use the original Michelin Wild Enduro tyres in front and rear as they weigh slightly less and therefore pedal better, making big days in the saddle slightly easier. 

Why are they more pricey than the other Wild Enduro tyres?

The racing line is a race specific tyre designed for maximum performance in a race situation. If you’ve spent all the time and money entering and traveling to an event, why skimp on your bikes only contact point with the ground?

Why is there only one size available in the Racing Line tyres range? 

The Racing Line tyres are only available in 29” inch, as in recent years the majority of serious racers have made the switch to full 29” set ups. As the tyre is designed purely with racing in mind, Michelin obviously agree and see 29” as the way to go if racing is your thing.

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Have we convinced you to give the Racing Line tyres a go? We know it’s hard to step out of your comfort zone and try a new tyre, but you’ll thank us for this recommendation; the performance you’ll receive from this range will be second to none! 

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