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Michelin StarCross 6 Review

The 2022 season kicked off with the release of the brand new Michelin StarCross 6 tyres and what a release it was! We were all very excited to get these

The 2022 season kicked off with the release of the brand new Michelin StarCross 6 tyres and what a release it was! We were all very excited to get these tyres installed and give them a little test run… it’s safe to say, they didn’t disappoint!

A bit more info about the StarCross 6 range…

Before we get into the review, let’s explain a few of the specs of the new tyres and why the new range was introduced…

The StarCross 6 tyres are replacing the StarCross 5 range, however, we’re still selling the full SX5 range whilst we have suitable stock available. Plus, they haven’t released SX6 in a junior tyre, so these will continue to run in the 5’s.

The new tyres definitely have similarities to the previous range, but the improvements are game-changing, which really make this the next go-to tyre for motocross riders or for riders at non-FIM Enduro events.

The range is available in various different tyre types, from sand, mud, medium-soft, medium-hard and hard in both front and rear for all terrains (apart from mud which is only available in rear). This is an increase from the SX5 tyre offering.

Let’s get into the review…

Like all Michelin tyres, they fit with certain Bib Mousses, so make sure you choose the correct one for your front or rear StarCross 6 tyres, we used the Rabaconda to fit the tyres which made this super easy and quick.


For our review, we tested the Michelin StarCross 6 Medium- Soft in both front and rear using the 120/90-18 (with the M14 Bib Mousse) and the 90/100-21 (with the M16 Bib Mousse).

The Medium-Soft front tyre was developed to improve braking and lateral grip whilst offering the rider improved feedback at lean. We were also keen to test the longevity of the tyres, as Michelin claimed that the SX6 range gives 11% more durability.

The terrain we were testing these on was relatively diverse, so suited the medium-soft well, one of the key differences to the eye that you can see is the tread pattern of the knobs; it’s been designed to provide ultimate wear resistance.

We were pleased to say that this lived up to the stats that Michelin provided, we still think that the StarCross 5 equivalent gives suitable wear resistance but this tyre can be seriously pushed and come off really well!

This is probably down to the new rubber technology that is used for the whole StarCross 6 range; it’s the first motocross tyre to include Silica technology as opposed to black carbon rubber (which is a pretty big deal).

Another thing we noticed was the improved traction of the new StarCross 6 tyres. Yes, you could argue that we had brand new front and rear tyres installed, so this is obviously going to influence our opinion anyway, but the grip really was insane which is likely due to the bucket-shaped tread blocks.


The StarCross 6 tyres are priced very slightly higher than the previous StarCross 5 range, however, when you take into account all of the changes and improvements that have been made, we think they are totally worth it.

We’re convinced that as Michelin releases the other tyre disciplines and makes them more readily available, you’ll see a whole lot of people coming up trumps on podiums using the SX6 tyres.


Here at Endurotyres, we are always the first to receive Michelin stock, so if we don’t have them, chances are not many other suppliers will be stocking them either

We’re still waiting on the stock of some of the other sizes but you can always join our waiting lists if you have your eye on a certain one.

Our final thoughts on the Michelin StarCross 6 range

We definitely agree with all the points that Michelin has claimed about the new range in regards to:

  • Traction & grip
  • Handling
  • Performance

It feels like the obvious step-up if you are looking to replace your StarCross 5 tyres.

Want more information?

There are plenty of places across the Endurotyres website where you can find more information about the StarCross 6 range. Here’s where to look:

  • The StarCross 6 technical page – this includes a technical breakdown of each of the tyres as well as FAQs, a gallery and videos to support the tyres.
  • Individual product pages – If you are looking for information on a particular product, the products are your best bet.
  • Facebook & Instagram – we’re always sharing our tyre wisdom over on our socials.
  • Email or phone – if all of these places don’t provide you with the information you need, then give us a call on 01723 344782 or email us at office@endurotyres.com. We’re always happy to talk tyres!
  • Watch this review video from an Endurotyres rider, James Pinder >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-SaL3CEN-g

Here’s Daryl Bolter checking his rear Starcross 6 that incidentally has just done two rounds of the UK Evo Series and still has a good edge! Buy StarCross 6 tyres today >>

Daryl Bolter using StarCross 6 Daryl Bolter using StarCross 6 at UK Evo Series