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Motocross activities to keep you busy in lockdown

While the whole world sits and waits with bated breath to hear the latest news and restrictions surrounding the coronavirus epidemic, the more outdoorsy of us are looking for inventive ways to quench our need for speed. We have seen an influx in photos, videos, stories and vlogs online from members of the moto and MTB communities who are battling out self-isolation or lockdown and we want to dedicate today’s article to all those people who are keeping our spirits lifted.

Free motocross home workout

Fitness coach Tom James of MotoFit has set-up a free 30 Day Fitness Challenge group on Facebook after noticing that people were struggling with motivation, training and structure during the lockdown. Tom says “This challenge isn’t only aimed at making you feel physically better, it will also help you feel mentally stronger too as you will be encouraged to interact in the group and join in with live classes; these will prove invaluable for your mental health during the lockdown.”

The MotoFit 30 Day Fitness challenge will consist of:

  • Live classes
  • Daily challenges
  • Q+As
  • Nutritional tracking
  • Webinars

To find out more or join in on Tom’s motocross workout at home, click here >>

Moto and MTB social media accounts to look into

Now that you probably have more free time to spend following and researching your chosen sport and its stars, we thought you might be interested in following some of our favourite social media accounts. They share great content on motocross/MTB, fitness workouts, lifestyle, practical bike skills and servicing tips.

Moto and MTB videos to watch

Everyone loves a timeless video, especially of their favourite sport, and during this time we’ve been catching up on some of the greatest online vids. If you are like us and enjoy watching some of the best moto and mountain bike videos, with epic stunts, freestyling and race footage, we think you’ll appreciate the following.

How to replace swingarm bearings

Regular maintenance of your bike is standard but swingarm or linkage bearings are usually the most neglected and overlooked maintenance item on dirt bikes. Most people don’t have the time to take apart the bearings and re-grease them every once in a while. Also, if you pressure wash your bike, you may even cause dirt and water to go past the seal and into the bearings, which will shorten their life.

You’ll know when you need to replace or service swingarm bearings because your dirt bike will have a loose or unstable feeling of movement. Matthew Bochnak of How-To Motorcycle Repair tells us some of the reasons you may want to inspect or replace your swingarm bearings:

  • You just bought the bike and don’t know the history of maintenance
  • You can’t remember the last time you greased up those bearings
  • You find axial movement in the swingarm, indicating the thrust bearings are shot
  • You find radial (fore/aft) swingarm movement, indicating the bearings are shot

You can view his video in full here >>

Tyre finder tool

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Share your ideas with us

We’d love to hear about anything you’re doing or finding online that is helping you get through the lockdown. Send us your videos, tips and any great content you’ve come across. You can tag us on Instagram and Facebook @endurotyres.

We know moto and MTB fans will want to be back in the saddle as soon as possible but this is a great opportunity to invest time to get involved in some maintenance work, check out what other riders are up to and brush up on your knowledge.