MY RIDE – CODY WEBB’S KTM 300 XC - Enduro Tyres



He’s the defending AMA EnduroCross Champion and the only rider to have so far snatched an overall victory away from Taddy Blazusiak in the 2015 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship – take a look at Cody Webb’s KTM 300 XC…

Bike: KTM 300 XC

Rider: Cody Webb

Mechanic: Douglas Osterkamp

Team: RPM Racing Team

Cody’s SuperEnduro bike is closely modelled on the stock version simply because there hasn’t been time to fully test it prior to the start of the season. Basically he’s running a standard production KTM 300 XC with a few bolt on extras.

The biggest difference over Cody’s bike as opposed to the KTM Enduro Factory bike Taddy Blazusiak runs is the suspension department. The 300 XC model comes as standard with a linkage system where as the European based KTM 300 EXC runs the PDS system.

With no time to experiment between both bikes they’ve opted to stick with it, as it’s also what they run in the AMA EnduroCross Championship. Keeping it safe from the hazards of superenduro, a beefy Fastway linkage has been added.

Suspension is of a factory spec – that’s the one bit you can’t easily buy – 48mm Cone Valve WP front forks and a WP Trax shock on the rear. Cody’s from a trials background and tends to rely more on finesse and smoother riding style than most. For a superenduro bike, his setup is remarkably softer and plusher than a lot of other riders.

Motor wise, Cody’s bike is close to stock – again due to a lack of testing prior to superenduro – it’s still got the heavy electric start system installed. Handy when you stall or crash but it’s added weight for superenduro racing. They are looking to remove this for endurocross.

Carburetion is felted with from location to location. Gearing is two teeth bigger on the rear sprocket jumping from 13/50 to 13/52.

The FMF exhaust system is a little bit special. It’s a prototype model that Cody and the RPM Racing Team are developing with FMF Racing.