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My Ride – Danny McCanney’s Beta RR 300 2T

My Ride – Danny McCanney’s Beta RR 300 2T

At the opening round of the British Sprint Enduro Championship, Danny McCanney’s immaculately prepared Beta RR 300 2T was a real head turner.

Riding for the Italian based Beat Boano Racing team in this year’s Enduro World Championship, the Manxman’s ride was oozing factory goodness. Not one to waste an opportunity, Enduro21 grabbed a camera and clicked off a few rounds.

Although not sporting a headlight for the BSEC, the Beta’s green and red colour scheme was not the only thing to standout on the bike. The Öhlins suspension front and rear with TTX shock certainly did but that Termignoni exhaust silencer had us drooling in jealously. Mated to the FMF front pipe, the Termignoni is naturally Italian built but hand crafted from the finest titanium available.

Add in the Talon red hubs, red Apico gear shift and green rear sprocket guard and green hand guards ensures the team’s colours not only follow through but are done so with quality parts.

10/10 for effort guys…