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National Ride To Work Day – 17th June 2013

Motorcycle and scooter riders across the nation are encouraged to take to the roads and Ride to Work on Monday 17 June, to promote the benefits of commuting by motorcycle or scooter and to show other commuters just how easy and convenient powered two wheel travel is. Benefits include cost and time-savings, with less traffic congestion and hold ups, plus of course the enjoyment factor for the rider! What other mode of transport gets a response of “I really enjoyed the ride to work today, I even took the longer route in”.

A stressful commute is no small problem in today’s world. With more and more of us travelling further for work, commuting can take up a sizeable chunk of the day – so why not enjoy it? Rising fuel prices and rail fares, increasing traffic congestion, public transport delays and parking nightmares can mean that many workers feel they have done a day’s work before they even step foot in the office.

Riding a motorcycle or scooter offers a very real solution for commuters and there is a whole raft of benefits that come with it – probably the most important being the time-savings. Shave time off your commute at both ends of the day. Forget about sitting in traffic jams, riding a motorcycle or scooter means that you keep moving when traffic comes to a standstill.

The ever-increasing price of fuel along with other costs like road tax, mean that switching to a motorcycle or scooter can also save you money. With road tax starting at just £16 a year for a 125cc machine and lightweight bikes and scooters offering frugal fuel consumption with manufacturers quoting 120 mpg on some models, then switching to powered two wheels makes sense. Another benefit over public transport is that the bike is yours and in the evenings and weekends you can go wherever you want, the gym, supermarket, visiting friends, it’s all within easy reach with your own motorbike or scooter and you will have fun doing it!

On Ride to Work Day the whole biking community comes together with events taking place at venues all over the UK, including at motorcycle dealerships, biker cafes and associated companies. It’s a great time to visit a showroom and see for yourself the bikes that are on offer. Why not call in for a coffee and a chat and meet fellow commuters who can help you decide that this easy and convenient, personal and fun, mode of travel is for you. For details of your nearest Ride to Work Day event visit

It’s easy to see if commuting by motorbike or scooter is for you, anyone aged 16 years and over can have a FREE taster ride, with experienced trainers away from busy roads, with the bike and riding gear supplied, by going to The Get On team have already given over 20,000 people a trial ride and you don’t need a driving licence or motorcycle licence to give it a go.

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