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Choosing the best off road motorcycle wheels

The importance of your off road motorcycle wheels

Whilst a lot of emphasis is placed on the importance of having top quality tyres and other accessories such as bib mousse, the off road motorcycle wheels that you equip your bike with are just as important.

Jack Arnold using off road motorcycle wheels

To get the very best out of your tyres, you need wheels that are equally high quality and able to absorb the hefty impacts they will inevitably endure. With a strong set up of both off road motorcycle wheels and tyres, you will improve the handling and smoothness of your bike.

Look after your wheels

The spokes of your off road motorcycle wheels give the flexibility that is necessary to handle bumpy terrain and hard landings. Keeping an eye on your spokes is crucial, loose spokes can cause handling issues as they can prevent the wheel from spinning straight and will be more susceptible to breaking.

Any unnoticed damage to your wheels could result in disaster if you ride on them!

Attractive and effective Talon off road motorcycle wheels

Talon engineering, in our opinion, make some of the best off road motorcycle wheels that are available today. Being British-made is always a positive but they really do make great looking wheels that offer any rider who chooses them a fantastic riding experience.

There are several ranges available: EVO are reliable and affordable, Ultralite offer significant weight saving, whilst Billet ACR & Carbon A60 wheels are very durable and light. The Talon off road motorcycle wheels are only available for owners of popular models made by KTM, Gas Gas, Beta, Honda, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki.

Talon wheels

If you don’t have one of the mainstream bikes or you have a bit more to spend and want more of a say over your wheels, Talon also manufacture bespoke custom wheels so you can have exactly what you want!

Contact the off road experts

If you want any further information or assistance with choosing the best off road motorcycle wheels for the type of riding you do, contact us and we can help. We aren’t salespeople, we are enthusiasts of the sport so are always willing to offer our true opinion!

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