New Enduro Tyres releases you can expect to see this autumn and winter

New Enduro Tyres releases you can expect to see this autumn and winter

It’s an exciting time of the year for all of us at Enduro Tyres, and with the launch of some new products into our shop and some serious off road testing happening, we wanted to share some of the latest products that will be coming soon to our shop.

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve probably heard the news that we are soon to be stocking a range of Michelin mountain bike tyres, but we’ve still got our eyes open for the latest from the moto world too.

Michelin mountain bike tyres  

Our biggest release this Autumn comes in the form of something completely new to Enduro Tyres, with there being a very obvious crossover between moto and cycle, we found that a lot of our customers would train on mountain bikes. So we will now also be specialising in offering mountain bike tyres too.

We are starting off with Michelins new Enduro range which has been released, which will offer 5 types of tyres that should cover all terrain types.

Take a look at what Mountain Bike stock is available here or you can read the full article about the new tyres on our blog here.

Cush Core

If you are looking for puncture proof mountain bike tyres, then getting your hands on the Cush Core for your tyres will be a great investment.

Never heard of it?

The Cush Core will soon be your go-to inner tube alternative, providing you with better performance off road. The foam insert is effective by allowing air within the tyre to act together as a spring and damper effectively creating you an Inner-Tire Suspension System®. It will offer you a more reliable solution which will still give you the strength you need to tackle those tricky off road routes.

We are stocking the Cush Core in size 27.5, along with our new Mountain Bike range for £149, suitable for any tyres fitting these size tyres, you can pick yours up here.

Tubeless service kit

We’ve put together, what we think is the ultimate mountain bike service kit that will suit all riders. Taking the Schwalbe tubeless easy kit that we all know and love, we have added some of our favourite products, that from our experience in moto, we know our customers will love. For just £59, your kit will include;

  • X3 Plastic easy fit tyre levers
  • X1 Tubeless rim tape
  • X2 Tubeless valves
  • X2 Doc Blue Tyre sealant
  • X1 Easy fit fluid
  • X1 Bib-Up mounting spray

Suitable for use with all the Michelin mountain bike tyres that we stock, this accessory purchase is a no-brainer.

Grab your tubeless service kit here.

Moto tyres

We don’t have anything confirmed, but with the Dirt Bike Show happening at the end of October, it’s very likely that we will get some news on the latest Moto tyres coming to the market in 2019.

Following the big releases that happened in 2017, we are expecting some great things with an announcement of a new tyre called the Tracker, which is replacing the Michelin AC10 range.

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