Everything you need to know about the new Michelin Enduro tyre range

Everything you need to know about the new Michelin Enduro tyre range

As Michelin’s leading supplier of off road tyres, we can now announce the launch of the new 2018 Enduro tyre range which will be available to purchase from us now.

The new range comes with some key changes and improvements over the old range, which will eventually be phased out, but is currently still available to purchase here whilst stocks last.

So, what’s changed?  

There is more grip and better cushioning due to the tread block shape and layout and the internal structure of the tyre. The new range is also more versatile with improved wet grip due to new rubber compounds. There is a 15% improvement in the longevity of these tyres, compared to previous generation which also have improved bib-mousse compatibility.

“The Michelin supported team riders achieved great results on the new Comp Mediums at ISDE In France, we have now sold plenty and it’s good to hear that UK riders are getting on so well with them, one of the plus points is the rear wear rate is noticeably improved over the previous product.“ – Alan Ranger – MD of Enduro Tyres

How many tyres are in the new range?

The new Michelin Enduro tyre range has been significantly reduced, the previous generation had 7 tyres in the range, whereas the new 2018 range has just five, this include; two medium front tyres, one hard front tyre, and two medium rear tyres.  

Why are there less tyres available in the new range?

Michelin wanted to simplify the offering of tyres in the range and after testing had taken place, decided that there was only need for a medium and hard front tyre, and a medium rear tyre, so they did away with the hard rear tyre.

How do I purchase the new Enduro range tyres?

Endurotyres.com are a main supplier of Enduro tyres and have the complete range in stock. Riders are giving us great feedback on the new Michelin Enduro tyre range which are now purchasable online via the Enduro Tyres website. If you would like more information, call us on 01723 344782 to speak to one of the team.